Resolume Avenue & Arena 4.1.3 Released - The Feature Addicts

Adding features is a dangerous addiction.

You had that bit of code lying around anyway. Throwing it away would be wasting it. So you slowly stick it in to the master, and before you know it, there is a glorious new feature in your software. You close your eyes and think of how happy everyone will be.

Then you're awakened by a loud noise. You open your eyes, and it turns out that your new code is actually causing bugs in places you did not expect and the forum is on fire! The hangover kicks in and the comedowns get worse every time. You fix the bug, and you repeat after yourself: 'I will not add features half way through, I will not add features halfway through, I will not add….'

My name is Resolume, and I'm a feature addict.

Resolume 4.1.3 is a free update which fixes critical bugs, but also adds some kick ass new plugins (because we're feature addicts) and spreads the Resolume love to China and Turkey.

Download Resolume Avenue & Arena 4.1.3 here.

New Radar Effect
New Radar Effect
New Dot Screen Effect
New Dot Screen Effect
[NEW] New effects: Radar, Dot Screen and Solid Color.
[NEW] New transition: Side by Side
[NEW] Chinese and Turkish translations.
[NEW] Copied slice gets placed above its original, not on top of the list

[FIXED] Blackmagic inputs are upside down on the Mac
[FIXED] Play once no worky on audio and AV clips
[FIXED] Instant crash with Flash on OSX and FlashPlayer 11.4.402.265
[FIXED] Flash parameters do not show up
[FIXED] Dashboard invert makes the value jump
[FIXED] Autopilot skips clips when its set to bpm sync and play backwards
[FIXED] BPM sync value mapped to midi in layer transport controls does not round off
[FIXED] Clips jump around when set to SMPTE and a low buffer size.
[FIXED] Avenue 4.1.2 No worky on 10.5
[FIXED] Having drivers for denon devices installed make resolume refuse to start
[FIXED] AV clips can be set to SMPTE mode
[FIXED] Clip defaults: BPM Sync should ignore "continue" setting from the timeline transport
[FIXED] Colour pass ist kaput!
[FIXED] Mask does not show in the interface, but it does in the output after disabling global blend modes
[FIXED] Deadlock when shooting a LOT of midi to 4.1.1 and opening advanced output

Posted by bart on Monday December 10, 2012 at 14:42
Comment from cvanhoose:

I love you guys;) Thanks!

Comment from dirtyjohn_lv:

What's so different about solid color other than it's an effect as well as a source?

Comment from Joris:

Nothing, except that you don't have to sacrifice a layer to go full white ;-)

Comment from gpvillamil:

You can add it into an effect chain over a clip, and mess with the transfer modes to make new effects.

dirtyjohn_lv wrote:What's so different about solid color other than it's an effect as well as a source?

Comment from ChrisVids:

thanks a lot! just installed it and played around for five minutes. big up for the dot screen-effect!!
however colour pass worked fine for me in 4.1.2, now in 4.1.3 it's "kaputt" - it just shows me a white screen, like a white solid. that's really a pity as this effect is quite important!

edit: if anyone has the same problem - as a workaround i just copied the effect from the old plugins folder from 4.1.2 to 4.1.3 and replaced the new colour pass so i can use dot screen and colour pass - sweet!

Comment from vjsmad:

i have the white screen to when using color pass but in 4.1.2 mac version

Comment from Tschoepler:

had it in 4.1.2 – it is gone in 4.1.3 – MacBook Pro Retina OS X 10.8.2

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