NYE Countdown in Resolume using Autopilot

This may be a day late and a buck short, but next time you're in need of a NYE countdown (or just a visual egg timer), look no further than Resolume's autopilot and ten PNG files.

Coming to us courtesy of the kind gentlemen of Blend Visuals, it's just ten PNGs with the numbers 0 through 9, and some very clever use of the autopilot and layer positioning. Yet this had us looking in wonder at our own software for longer than we care to admit.

Well, just over a minute actually.

Download the comp file and accompanying PNG files to try it yourself.

Load the comp, hit reconnect and away you go!

PS Tony and Liam, this would most certainly be the Helvetica Neue of using Resolume. Squire!

Posted by Joris on Tuesday January 8, 2013 at 10:38
Comment from Basic:

this is really cool! No more hour renders from AE haha.

Comment from cosmowe:


Comment from theLABVisuals:

In all honesty, I've been lazy. I couldn't be bothered to redo the images, and as such had to add the RGB effect. If you change the images to something with more contrast then you can get rid of the effect and (obviously) your remaining clips will look cool n groovy.

Comment from Tschoepler:

Very nice use of Resolume.

Just made me put together a clock-timer for next New Year's Eve in Quartz Composer. Choose what you want to be displayed – time only, time & date, etc. – in the »date formatter« element (open qtz-file in quartz composer) and change the font, font size and kerning from inside Resolume after adding the clip to your comp.

PS: font Iceland is included – free @ Google web fonts.

Comment from francoe:

I'm trying to figure out how this comp works.
How do you set different times for each layer's autopilot?
PNG's seems to have not time or beatsnap settings, layers autopilot has just a foward setting enabled...
I'm stuck.
Can you explain it, please?

Comment from voskull:

I had the same question, As my first instinct was to check the duration settings, and all the duration for the clips shows up as 5000 when I open the composition project... How could it work with all the clips duration similar... left my head scratching...
Upon investigation into the .avc file ( just a xml looking file ) the duration of the clips are not 5000 but 10 / 100 etc..

Seems like a bug to me, the duration of a loaded comp / clips are not showing correctly in Resolume

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