"Create Visuals with Resolume" And The Winner is:

We knew Resolume could be used for creating content. We filled a few hours in the early morning just playing around with lines and solids ourselves.

But we had no idea about how far it could be taken. You took us on trips to strange and awesome places of geometric meditation. Others went to dark and scary lands of broken glitch and thunderstorms. Some of you actually brought back postcards of landscapes filled with wonderful creatures.

It was amazing. Best of all, because the .avc file had to be shared, it was a great learning experience as well. If you want to know how a particular look was achieved, you can just download the comp and see for yourself.

Next time somebody says Resolume does not have enough effects, we can just point him or her to this thread.

But of course you all want to know who won, so here are the winners:

First place:
"Comp Entry" 1 by Liam_Blend

We would play this on any screen, at any party, at any time. It's got everything a clip needs: detail, color, contrast, depth, rhythm and lots of black. We wonder if it makes coffee too.

Second place:
"Sad cosmic" owl by VJ Biolume

Because sad cosmic owl is sad. And cosmic.

Of course there was so much good material to pick from, so here are the honorable mentions:

"2colortech" by dirtyjohnlv

This was our favourite for a big part of the competition. Bold, energetic and full of contrast.

"Cosmic interference" by digital:snot

The first one that made us open the composition and check how it was done. Always a good sign.

"AKIBA NE-ON" by nkgw-a

It's interesting that glitch was considered cutting edge and avantgarde not too long ago, but now it's almost old-school. We like old-school.

"TEST 04" by VJ Granda

VJ ammo that will kill on any screen. Boom! Headshot!

"Mhlzhn21" by mahlzahn

Mahlzahn deserves an honorable mention if only for the fact that about half of the entries in the comp are his.

"Generative visuals" by aleksey notkin

This one made us doubt if it was actually made in Resolume. Even after the comp was uploaded we're still not exactly sure how some of it is done.

"8-bit avatar generator" by cosmowe

If you're over 30, you have a soft spot for anything 8 bit.

"Resolume contest" by Rebeloverlay

Spencer is disqualified because he already is the best selling artist on our label and he gets his arena serials for free anyway.

"Silent Light, Wholly Light" by J Benj

Bart swears that this video is filled with big morphing Darth Vader faces. We don't see it.

"Contest2" by SHQ

We had a few landscape entries, but the paper boat made this one complete.

Congrats to the winners, and a huge "thank you" to everyone who participated. You're amazing people, that's what you are.

Posted by Joris on Monday March 4, 2013 at 14:03 Tags: Content
Comment from theLABVisuals:

A superb compo folks and I'm (hoping to be the first) to congratulate every single entry for teaching me so much more about Resolume then I thought I knew. Some of the chaining of effects I clearly had not even considered!
(can we now have presets in Resolume please guys?!).

All I now have to do is clear my diary for the next month and dissect each and every AVC file (thank you all!) and great work Liam!


Comment from vj granda:

Congratulations Blend Visuals and Vj Biolume !!!

Comment from vj granda:

And especially congratulations to Resolume team for making this wonderful and amazing software ...

Comment from VjLuper:

Pity to discover the contest sooooooooo late :(

BTW guys you are amazing!!!!!

hey, "If you want to know how a particular look was achieved, you can just download the comp and see for yourself." means that all the comp will be downloadable?!?!

Comment from Hypnotist:

This was fun competition. I was looking for program to generate new stuff more easily and I've now found it. I'm now selling my modul8 license and switching to resolume. :D

Comment from Joris:

@VJLuper, check the original comp thread for all the .avc files (and loads more amazing entries): viewtopic.php?f=11&t=10134

Comment from Liam_Blend:

Wow thanks resolume :D There were loads of worthy winners there! I think collectively we've blown all previous expectations of what the software can do. I wouldn't have even considered turning up to a gig without my HD full of clips before this competition, I might accidentally on purpose leave it at home next time!
Thanks again to the resolume guys and i look forward to putting something together for the shop.

Comment from carlo19731:

Congrats to all winners, you all made a very good job :mrgreen:

Comment from Yuckfou157:

Congrats to all winners and again thnx to the team for pushing us to give the best!
And for myself, a minor but important thank you to the post of Eyesupply, he showed me the way of using the effects the right way which I'm using them now! So thank you! ;)

Comment from Mahlzahn:

Congrats to the winners. I found the attempt to create such iconic work like the sad owl quite innovative. Learned some skills during this contest and something about different people in general. Thanks to all the participants. I was impressed by a lot of the clips and some of the "weaker" ones reminded me of the content I created when I was starting to build in resolue. So go and keep working and giveit to some audience. Special thanks to VJ Granda whos stuff I realy digged. Blowin man, and your sources seem so simple, but it´s the idea.
I´d loved to give our "dude" which you can see in our short promo vid at http://lumalama.wix.com/lumalama some more round shapes with mapping of arena, but I´ll find a solution.

So long, Mahlzahn

Comment from Sadler:

Congrats to everyone.

Might I take this opportunity to suggest that Resolume users be given the facility to rename clips and to choose the thumbnail - having a whole deck of lines and solids doesn't make it easy to find the great visuals you've assembled.


Comment from Mahlzahn:

Sadler wrote:Congrats to everyone.

Might I take this opportunity to suggest that Resolume users be given the facility to rename clips and to choose the thumbnail - having a whole deck of lines and solids doesn't make it easy to find the great visuals you've assembled.
Yeah, I think it would be quite handy if the different solids are shown in their adjusted colour at least. I used to prebuild my clips in resolume and then load the clips I needed into the set. Now I ask myself the question how I can combine different composition in one so I could easily switch between them, even though many layers are activated in both of them. Is this possible? This would be great cause resolume seems to be much faster and stable playing source content then with video integration.

Comment from Bioluumi:

Well that came out of the blue. Huge thanks to the judges and huge congrats to Blend Visuals! :D The contest was really fun and educative experience, I hadn't really even looked at the simple line generator before last week. Sharing the compositions was a great idea, that's something we should keep doing even after the competition :)

Comment from cosmowe:

Congraaaaaaats folks!
It was a nice challenge...I think... we all are now a bit more skilled like before! :)


Comment from bart:

Sadler wrote:Might I take this opportunity to suggest that Resolume users be given the facility to rename clips and to choose the thumbnail - having a whole deck of lines and solids doesn't make it easy to find the great visuals you've assembled.
Totally agree! Updating the clip thumbnail is on our todo for the next major version.

You can rename the clip on the clip panel.

Comment from psychodalien:

Thank you guys for sharing your work - that was a really helpful workshop! It's nice to understand that I'm not as cool VJ as I seemed to be in my own eyes. I analyzed a few compositions and came to a conclusion that I don't understand what was the way of thinking of some particular participant when he was making his piece. This contest broke boundaries in my head regarding, in particular, drawing pictures in Resolume. That's why it's a pity that aguadulce's picture wasn't even noted in this thread - but he was first who introduced the idea viewtopic.php?f=11&t=10134&start=60#p39628 of the cartoon. Anyway, congratulations to winners, and thanks to creators of this marvellous visual synth!
And less is more, that's true.

Comment from Sadler:

bart wrote:Totally agree! Updating the clip thumbnail is on our todo for the next major version.
bart wrote:You can rename the clip on the clip panel.
Doh! I think I might have known this in the dim and distant past. Instead I tried clicking(double, right etc) on the clips in the deck thinking I could rename them like decks. I also read the manual thinking I'd missed something.

Comment from Rene:

Congratulations to the winners !!

So many awesome videos, and lessons learnt (thanks to the source files) - thank you all!

Comment from Hypnotist:

Just tested this idea with my laptop... It is old. i3 1,2GHz / 4GB / some radeon...

after adding big pile of random effects to line source I finally managed to drop fps to ~30 with resolution of 720*480


this means that now I don't have to take iMac to every gig <3

Only thing that comes in mind, is that it would be nice to have possibility to save those clips as presets.

Comment from J Benj:

I had a great time learning what you can do with Resolume during this contest. I am really inspired by what a lot of you VJs are doing, as seen here with these submissions. So much creative talent filling these pages!

My personal favorite was Sad Cosmic Owl. I was really amazed you made an animal with the program. Very creative use of parameters!

Thank you Resolume crew for putting on this contest. I hope there will be more contests in the future!

Keep on creating.
~J Benj

Comment from cosmowe:

+1 :mrgreen:

Comment from aguadulce:

Really good contest!!!,
it was a really pleasure, and yes Resolume guys; you pushed us to make our brain cells melt trying to find a new amazing composition.., that just two of us got to find!(congrats Liam_Blend and Vj Biolume!!).
Very good mood here in this forum, it feels confortable!.
Thank you very much psychodalien for your words about my work, u can't imagine how much does it rises myself!; to be honest, when I saw that glass effect in your composition "Infinite time in clouds" I felt like I had nothing to do in this contest...

Again congratulations to everyone!!!!(also to Mahlzahn.., please share your .avc files!(With the .avc file you shared yesterday I haven't realized yet how to get any of the visuals you posted, and I'm trying hard!).

Comment from francoe:

Now you know guys, in the next contest just stick yourself to the old resolume aesthetic. Then you can win.

Comment from najrock:

dirtyjohnlv do you work at surrender nightclub in the wynn encore? i swear to god that clip played for like four hours before our set there

*edit* i just looked at your vimeo and it appears that you do :) small world

Comment from dirtyjohn_lv:

i do. i'm working on a full animation using resolume for the beginning of the night. i'm tired of watching the same thing all day every day (i use it at the beach club too - the owners don't want to much on screen before headliners :roll: )

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