Awesome Set of Projection Mapping Tutorials

Get out your projector, fire up Arena and Cinema4D, brew a pot of coffee and start your week creatively!

Coming to you courtesy of the amazing Tom Watkins / VJFit from Fit Motion Graphics, Tom covers everything you need to know, nothing you don't. He doesn't waste a second and he knows what's up.

Starting off with some basic video warping in Resolume, he gets some trippy stuff going using only Resolume, which we likey.

Then he brings in Cinema4D to take you into the third dimension.

And he tops it off with an excellent and precise way to model your physical object in Cinema and align your projector/camera settings.

This world is a better place with people like Tom in it.

Posted by Joris on Monday November 18, 2013 at 10:54 Tags: projection mapping
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