Creating Projection Mapping Objects out of Paper

Here's how to get started with some crazy projection mapping paper objects in twelve easy steps. Because sometimes it's good to step away from the computer. Get your hands dirty with glue, scissors and paper.

Step 1: Watch this awesome video.

Step 2: Realise that you could actually do this at home, because it's a paper model.

Step 3: Be sad that you don't know how to make such models :(

Step 3: Be happy that sehrinde17 was kind enough to share how he does this :D

Step 4: Follow his instructions to the letter. If you don't like reading, watch the video and skip to Step 11.

Step 5: Export a 3d mesh (Cinema4d, Blender or Aftereffects) as an .obj file.

Step 6: Download and install PePaKuRa Designer 3 ( Mac users, be sad because it's only for Windows.

Step 7: Import or drag and drop the .obj File in the Pepakura window. You can rotate the camera view and change some adjustments.

Step 8: Next click on "unfold". You can notice that some edges of the model are open now. The software calculates the best way to cut the 3d model in a flat piece.
Step 9: Print the generated design and cut / plot it.

Step 10: Glue the parts together (this is the challenge!).
Step 11: Map it with any projection mapping tool that's called Resolume Arena 4.
Step 12: Head on over to to say thanks!

Posted by Joris on Tuesday April 15, 2014 at 12:19 Tags: Projection Mapping
Comment from Thelooca:

In order to keep mac people happy :)

On mac i use 123D make (free) ... 8186?mt=12


Or you can use this ( ... aper_Model) plugin in blender to export any model as a papermodel

more info: ... ost1627111

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