Brace Yourself, Workshops Are Coming in October!

This October, we'll be hosting another round of Resolume workshops.

Whether you've just been bitten by the visual bug, or if you're a hardened veteran that wants to get more out of your favourite software, we got a session for you. Or sign up for the whole week to get a crash course on all things Resolume!

New this time is the Creating Content workshop. Using Resolume to create visuals is a great way to get to know the possibilities of the software. More importantly, it's a lot of fun in the process!

New things will be learned! Fun will be had! Sign up now!


Getting Started Resolume Workshop
Monday 20 October 2014
5 hours. From zero to hero. No experience required.

This workshop teaches you all you need to know to start VJ'ing with Resolume.

Starting with the basics on how to load and trigger clips, you'll be compositing multiple videos, applying realtime effects and using live cameras in no time.

First hand knowledge from the developers themselves will make sure you'll pick up a few things even the pros don't know about.

The focus will be on practical knowledge and skills, and we'll show you how to best prepare your footage, how to connect to a projector, and before the day is over, you'll be VJ'ing on the big screen yourself!

Advanced Resolume Workshop
Tuesday 21 October 2014
5 hours. Basic experience required.

This is for everyone who already has some experience with VJ'ing in general, but wants to get to the nitty gritty of the many options Resolume has to offer.

Sync clips to the BPM or have effects pop to the music. Use Cue Points and the Beatloopr to remix your footage on the fly. Streamline your signal flow and get your compositions and decks organized.

We'll go over every nook and cranny, and leave no stone unturned. At the end of the day, not only will Resolume have no more secrets to you, you'll also have the skills to take your visual sets to the next level.

Creating Content With Resolume Workshop
Wednesday 22 October 2014
5 hours. Basic experience required.

During this workshop, you'll learn how you can use all of the features of Resolume to create high quality content, without the need for After Effects or Cinema4D.

Creating content with Resolume is a great way to see all the possibilities that Resolume has to offer. You'll combine sources, effects, blend modes, audio input and parameter animation to create powerful visuals from scratch. It's a great way to challenge yourself to do new things in new ways.

Keyframes are soooo 2008.

Live performance with Resolume
Thursday 23 October 2014
5 hours. Basic experience required.

Okay. So you know the basics. You know which buttons to push and how to control effects in realtime.

But when do you push that button? And which effects do you apply where? And how to map that shiny new midi controller or iPad?

This workshop will show you how to set up Resolume so that you can quickly improvise to changes in the music. Because it's much more fun to be creative with your content, instead of trying to remember which button does what.

Projection Mapping with Resolume Arena Workshop
Friday 24 October 2014
5 hours. Advanced experience required.

Warning, when this workshop is over, you'll never again be able to look at the objects around you without trying to warp video on them in your head.

Projection mapping has been the buzz word in the land of live visuals for a while now. This workshop lets you get in on the hype!

We'll go over the tools you have at your disposal when mapping with Resolume. Using the powerful warping features of Arena, you can tackle any surface. And if one projector wasn't enough, we'll show you how to extend your maps across multiple projectors.

Posted by Joris on Thursday August 14, 2014 at 12:53 Tags: workshop
Comment from ia_85:

wow, great!!
sounds super interesting,
Hope i can make it to the mapping workshop.

Comment from bigbossross:

This sounds awesome, but Will these workshops be recorded? Are there any workshops or tutorial Dvds available for purchase? Thanks!

Comment from Joris:

Thanks for your suggestion, we get this question a lot.

The workshops are hands-on sessions, so we're not making videos out of them. It's all about the attendants doing stuff themselves, and we doubt you would like to watch people hunched over a laptop screen for five hours ;-)

For training, you can check out our tutorials and tips on our vimeo channel:

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