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Sometimes it's good to remember life is not all about optimized GPU codecs, gigantic LED walls and how many outputs you can run of a single computer. Sometimes life is about using visual art to transform spaces. And if we're really lucky, we can also use it to transform people.

Recently we received an email from Roxanna VJ Thai that reminded us of exactly that. And we'd like to share that letter with you all as well.

Hello Resolume friends!

I wanted to share my recent experience, taking video and multimedia education to another level.
I was invited to give a multimedia workshop at REYNOSA, one of the cities here in México, where violence has taken over as a result from the drug war. I took the chance, and tried to put fear aside.
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It was an intensive 1 week workshop called "LET US PLAY!", all about new media and exploring realtime video possibilities, revisiting artists, techniques, tools, etc. They were introduced to Resolume Avenue software as the main tool to develop their individual projects.
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With the support of Media Selectah, we opted to close the workshop with a video projection intervention in situ, where we designed a creative proposal and it was done on the same day. The place, was a big white closed room, used for conventions, we had 4 "little projectors" (2K lumens), but as always we did some magic using them to the maximum, and creating a smaller 3D video space within. Every participant developed their idea in a 3 minute performance, and then they all took part of a jam improvisation where random music was played and they would have to play vj.
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They could use the crowd source material where everybody contributed with videos and images in a collective way.

This workflow was inspired by the Exquisite Corpse from the Surrealists. We have done this workshop also
in Monterrey city, Culiacán, Sinaloa; and San Luis Potosí, and it is always a new and different experience.

We love video and multimedia, it is our passion in Media Selectah! So we use it to transform spaces and people, and to open up new possibilities for these hybrid media explorations.
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As a VJ artist (Vj Thai), it has been very difficult to do what I like for so many years without giving up, due to the lack of spaces and recognition for the visual as part of everything that has to do with music culture and beyond. So we have worked hard on opening up new spaces for video in art and entertainment in México, by curating and producing multimedia happenings around the north of the country, mainly in Monterrey city.

This is our website:

And facebook fan page:

You can see more pics here.

Pictures by Carlos Limas, Laura Flores, Tochirock Gallegos, Arabella Medrano and VjThai for Media Selectah .

thank you



Posted by Joris on Tuesday October 14, 2014 at 12:55 Tags: workshop
Comment from cosmowe:

GREAT!!!!!!!! ...........Simply Great!

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