Great Collection of Video Tutorials, Courtesy of Doc Optic

So, the workshops at Res HQ are over for 2014, but you can still learn lots about VJ'ing.

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The wonderful guys from Doc Optic have been publishing awesome video tutorials lately. In a calm and soothing tone, VJ'ing with Resolume is explained. The great thing is that the tutorials don't follow the 'this-button-does-that' format, but rather explain how you can improve your show using certain techniques and tricks.

What we love even more, is that they're not tied to one software. Aside from Resolume, also knowledge about VDMX, MixEmergency and the wonderful Coge is shared. Now that's what we call sexy!

Here's Adriel from Doc Optic introducing himself, followed by a selection of our favourite tuts thus far. Be sure to check out the Doc Optic website for loads more. Also they have some free and premium content available, so what are you wasting time here for?
My name is Adriel and I'm originally from the Silicon Valley (San Jose, California), now based in Hawaii. I started VJing in 2012 because it tied some of my biggest passions together: music, animation and graphics.

I first learned of Resolume a few years ago, but it wasn’t until I experienced some live visuals at a show and thought, “Hey, I could do that.” So I began by using the Resolume demo and creating some visual content I could practice with. Eventually, I was given the opportunity to perform live visuals alongside international and local musicians at events in Hawaii.

I spend a lot of time researching and tinkering with software and creating different types of visuals. I've always had sharing this knowledge in the back of my mind, so I created DocOptic which I run with my partner.

I want to help others understand their tools and provide them with visuals so they can start blasting images on a screen.

The moment that first visual is triggered, the atmosphere is enhanced instantly. That’s the feeling that motivates me. I want others to experience it for themselves. My hope is to see visuals at every concert, show, party, and club.
We hope so too, Adriel!

phpBB [video]

phpBB [video]

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great stuff, thanks for sharing!

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Thank you very much for sharing this information.

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