Res 4.2 Speech Recognition - Look Ma, No Hands!

///// So yeah, as most of you figured out, this was our April Fools' joke for 2015. See you next year, everyone! /////

One of the exciting new features in Res 4.2 is speech recognition. That’s right, you can now control Resolume just by saying what you want to do.

Check the video for an overview of the basic controls and a some hints on the new special effect commands.

phpBB [video]

Of course speech recognition needs a clear sound signal, so when using it in a club environment, it’s best to ask the DJ to turn the music down.

Posted by Joris on Wednesday April 1, 2015 at 13:20 Tags: April
Comment from VJsynC:

ehehehe.... nice try!

Comment from Sadler:

Och, I connected speech recog to Resolume years ago - created a whole new language and vocal technique just to control one comp. We visualists use it to converse IRL now.

Comment from He2neg:

no need of this fancy controller anymore aye ?! xD

Comment from pfelberg:

Ouch... I fell for it. The Facebook post made me a true believer.
I feel like an idiot ; )

Comment from digital:snot:

Resolumes early April innovations never cease to amaze!

Comment from DayVeeJay:

Was "Enhance" a reference to Super Troopers?

phpBB [video]

Comment from Joris:

The snozzberries really taste like snozzberries.

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