Resolume 4.2.1 Free Maintenance Release

"Another flaw in the human character is that everybody wants to build and nobody wants to do maintenance."
Kurt Vonnegut, Hocus Pocus

We don't particularly like doing maintenance either, it always takes longer then expected. But we know you will enjoy a more stable Resolume. So with version 4.2.1 we managed to control ourself and just did maintenance. No shiny new toys, just the all important maintenance. Hit the download!

[FIXED] BlackMagic Intensity (Pro) jumps to 0x0 resolution after moving clip or reloading
[FIXED] Thumbnailing fails on short clips
[FIXED] Clip sometimes shows last frame on resync
[FIXED] Retrigger and Continue modes are confused if clip start offset is set in preferences
[FIXED] Continue on clip with in and outpoint no worky
[FIXED] Comp Midi map shortcuts for Clip Transport BPM Sync /2 and *2 are not saved
[FIXED] Window background color black instead of White
[FIXED] DXV 3 compression memory leak
[FIXED] Instant crash with non clean aperture DXV3 file
[FIXED] DXV 3 No Quicktime FFmpeg fallback no worky
[FIXED] Transitions don't work on PC with DXV3HQ files and sources with alpha
[FIXED] QuickLook plugin prevents files from being deleted
[FIXED] QuickLook plugin breaks Photo Jpeg thumbnailing
[FIXED] Solid Color effect jumps to pink on 1.0
[FIXED] Some plugins crash on start
[FIXED] Some plugins have memory leaks

The Resolume Team

Posted by bart on Monday June 22, 2015 at 20:01
Comment from cosmowe:

[FIXED] Retrigger and Continue modes are confused if clip start offset is set in preferences
Thanks for the update.

But I am sorry to say that re-triggering a solo audioclip with midi offset enabled still not works properly.
It only work if you trigger a column in which a audioclip is included.
If you trigger the audioclip directly the playhead just glitches to TC 00...but then continuous from the position he left.


Comment from Joris:

Sigh. Looks like we fixed it for when you first trigger a different clip and then come back to the clip with the continue mode, but not for when you repeatedly trigger the same clip.

4.2.2, here we come.

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