Thank You & Black Friday Sale 2015

Picture by Jody Hartley
Picture by Jody Hartley
It's been another fantastic year here at Resolume HQ. We feel truly blessed to be working on our baby every day and seeing it grow up.

This year was the first time in 4 years that we released a new major version, Arena 5 and it went very smooth. We took a lot of time to rigorously field-test and made sure Arena 5 already had a lot of show hours under it's belt on release day. This made sure it was as stable as possible.

We're starting to grow up as a company and with this comes great responsibility. We see your shows becoming bigger and bigger. The stages are larger and more complex and the audiences that come to party are also bigger than ever. Good times!

Coming year we hope to grow our team further so we can kick into higher gear and bring you many new updates. Thanks to your feedback we have a lot of ideas for small improvements as well as big new features.

Time will tell what 2016 will bring and we're looking forward to another fantastic year.

Team Resolume
Edwin Bart Tim Joris Menno Reinier Bonne

Yes, the Black Friday 50% discount is now ON! It's here only once a year and it's only a few days so be quick. Log in to your account to upgrade to Arena 5, upgrade your footage (to a higher resolution) or upgrade to multiple computers, it's time to shop ;-)

Update: This party is now over, see y'all next year!

Posted by bart on Friday November 27, 2015 at 10:25
Comment from Joris:

So of course you will inevitably have the same questions you have every year, so here are the answers.

Is the discount on everything? Does that everything include educational licenses/upgrades/footage?

Yes. Everything means everything.

How do I get the discount? Do you have a coupon code for me?

Everything in the shop is 50% off, so there are no coupon codes. Just add something to your cart and it will be half price.

Till when does the discount go on?

It's a Black Friday/Cyber Monday discount. Everything is 50% off this whole Friday, the whole weekend and the whole Monday. America, pay attention! We're in Europe, so we end the sale at Monday midnight, 00:00 CET.

Does 50% off the 50% edu discount mean it's free?

No. That's not how math works.

And this one is for the Tuesday morning crowd:

I just missed it, because my cat's grandkittens had the flu and they were using my laptop to watch Narcos on Netflix! Can you please extend the discount, just for me? Please?

No. You snooze, you lose. See you next year.

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