Resolume Arena 5.0.2 & Avenue 4.5.2 Released

Here we have another maintenance release for you. Arena 5.0.2 and Avenue 4.5.2 contains quite a few bug fixes, some small workflow improvements and 3 new effects. Highly recommended this one, hit that download.

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 15.10.25.png
- New effects: ParticleSystem, PolarKaleido and Sparkles (Thanks to Joris & Edwin)
- Chinese interface translation by Antonio Sou (Thank you Ant!)
- German interface translation by Walter Riemenschneider (Thank you Walt!)
- Copy/Cut/Paste Slices & Fixtures (Thank you Spencer!)
- Activate advanced output Pan Tool with middle mouse click (Thanks Elgarf!)
- BPM ticker is highlighted on every 16th beat, starting with the 1st (Thanks Joris!)
- OSC input can take doubles as well as floats (Thanks VUO!)

- Inserting any USB device can cause Resolume to hang for a few seconds
- Crash with USB display device on OSX
- Enttec USB device support for OSX El Capitan
- Edge blending applies wrong blending when slices get stretched out
- Advanced Output defaults to nearest neighbor scaling
- When in Output Transform tab, click through shouldn't select slices from other screens
- Flash colors shown incorrect on El Capitan
- User is prevented from entering same port for OSC input and output on the same IP.
- Give some more info when trying to load an 4 screen setup preset in 5
- Immediate deselect for warped slices
- Advanced output UI does not like non-latin characters
- Selection of Screen is heavy and causes output to stop for a moment
- Remove 'Lumiverse 1' from the DMX input name
- AV fader doesn't pick up A and V slider when controlled via dmx/osc/midi
- Match Shape on multiple polygon slices
- Improve copy naming behaviour
- SMPTE offset for clip has wrong calculation when set to 29.97
- Fixture editor doesn't function with non-latin characters in user name
- Output masks are not re-rendered when reordered in the treeview
- Scrambled Japanese characters in output setup.
- Input mask outputs black on non-masking area instead of transparent
- Only draw fixture contents if its Lumiverse is selected
- Fixture Path is constructed from FileName, but our paths should only contain ASCII characters
- Remove match output shape for DMX Fixtures
- OSX Slice Copy/Cut/Pasting is intercepted by Mac Menu
- Warping header is only visible when it has anything to show
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Posted by bart on Monday March 14, 2016 at 15:21 Tags: Leonardo
Comment from ReggieUnderground:


Thank you for the update!

Comment from pfelberg:

Thanks Resolume Team!!!

Could you please clarify:
- OSC input can take doubles as well as floats.



Comment from Empyfree:

Nice work guys. I'm exploring the particle plugin now, have wanted something like this for ages!

Feature request for 5.0.3.... Can you include the really nice drop shadow plugin that you guys have available on the site? It would be great if this was just part of the package.

Comment from bart:

ReggieUnderground wrote:Could you please clarify:
- OSC input can take doubles as well as floats.
Prior to version 5.0.2 if you would send a double value instead of a float via osc to resolume it would ignore it, but with version 5.0.2 it just works with both floats and doubles.

Comment from Oaktown:

@ EmpyFree, double is a short for double-precision floats (d) which are 64-bit (float64) vs single-precision floats (f) which are 32-bit (float32).

Comment from Joris:

I love how you both responded to the same question but each addressed the answer to a different person.

Comment from Oaktown:

And I just realized we both got it wrong since it was actually pfelberg who asked the question! ;)

Comment from Empyfree:

The only double floats I like are double ice cream floats....

Comment from pfelberg:

Well... tks everyone ; )

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