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Finally! Online video training for Resolume! We've worked with the wonderful Doc Optic and created 2 whole hours of in-depth video training.

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It's not a boring 'this-button-does-that' type of deal. We based it on the practical experience of some of the world's best VJ teams. We give you practical examples of *how* they use Resolume. More importantly, we explain *why* they do it like that.

We show you how you can make your compositions look slick and balanced, how to organize your files for easy access during long shows and how to set up your MIDI controller so you can get into a good flow.

It even has a few freebies to give you a taste of how things look and feel. Head over to the training page and see for yourself why we're so excited.

Posted by Joris on Thursday April 14, 2016 at 13:23 Tags: projection mapping * training * tutorial
Comment from cosmowe:

a short demo snippet of a training clip would be fabulous ;)

Comment from bart:

On the training page you'll find not 1 but 5 free videos :-)

Comment from DHoude:

As a newbie, I am very interested learning more. I was just wondering if there is a time frame of availability? Meaning, are they Online only and available for 12 months (or X time frame)? Or they permanently part of my online account?

Comment from cosmowe:

My fault Joris.....sorry :oops:

Comment from Oaktown:

I've been watching various segments from this online video training and It's been great learning a few new things and different workflows and approaches to what I'm used to. I must say that I've been very impressed with the production quality and the amount of information the Resolume team was able to cram in these short videos.

I really hope that this Online Video Training keeps on expanding and inasmuch as possible I think it would be very helpful if each section of the training package (Basics, Compositing, Color, etc...) came with a companion folder that includes everything that's being used in the video such as comp, media clips and preset files.

Overall, I think this Online Video Training will be a great assets to both newbies and seasoned pros!

Comment from Joris:

Dhoude, the training is online only and it will always be available in your account.

Unless the internet ends. But then we'll have bigger things to worry about.

Comment from DHoude:

For anyone considering, this training was really worth it. I just finished watching all the lessons. It was well put together and helped me understand all the things that I have not gotten to yet. From better work flows to better graphic layouts, I even got good tips on the more basic chapters!

Nice job!

Comment from bart:

Thank you Don, we're glad you like it and thank you for taking the time to let us know you like it.


Comment from Sadler:

In your 5.0.3 update email sent out today it says:

Checkout the 2-hour video training on your website.
I can't find any training on my website - I don't even have a website! :lol:

Comment from Oaktown:

Link to your account:

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