Resolume Avenue & Arena 6.0.0 Released!

After almost 2 months of beta, here is the final Resolume Avenue & Arena 6.0.0. Download is now open to everybody. Come and get it.

Thank you all for your feedback! Thanks to you we have been able to find and fix a lot of bugs and we think this version is ready for prime time.

This version can now open compositions from Avenue 4 and Arena 5. Simply select Composition > Open... from the Menu. Browse to ~/(My)Documents/Resolume Arena 5/compositions/ or ~/(My)Documents/Resolume Avenue 4/compositions/ and select the composition you would like to open. Double check if everything is working correctly. 99% of all your old composition settings should work just fine in version 6 but some things are not transferrable.

Please continue to send us your feedback. Because v6 can update itself we plan to release minor updates much more often. We have already started on 6.0.1...

Posted by bart on Tuesday November 7, 2017 at 14:56 Tags: 6
Comment from lovezhiqi123:

Good news~!
Bad news:R6.0.0 does't support multiple languages......

Comment from docoptic:

Congrats on the release Resolume team! It's been such a pleasure to use. We made a tutorial going over just a few of our favorite new features, mostly to enhance one's workflow. Enjoy :)

phpBB [video]

Comment from papikoms:

docoptic wrote:Congrats on the release Resolume team! It's been such a pleasure to use. We made a tutorial going over just a few of our favorite new features, mostly to enhance one's workflow. Enjoy :)

Would Resolume Video Training be updated to include new features? I would like to purchase the training video but want to know if you plan on including videos of new features as paid or for free.

Comment from PERCYJOSEPH:

Hi Friends
Nice to know the Release of Arena 6. Projects and advanced screen output presets can be imported from 5 to 6 but after importing the screen output presets I found all the Input Source of all the slices are blank and the need to remap again. Please the concern people check this issue and correct if because all the major project for the time being is still worked on version 5 and getting shifted to 6.

Comment from cosmowe:

docoptic....great video!! Thank you very much!

Comment from francoe:

We call it The Beta Four :D

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