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Picture by Comix
Picture by Comix
We're again growing rapidly here at Resolume HQ because of the release of version 7 and a very exciting new product coming up. We're looking to expand our team and hire a new Product Manager, UI/UX Designer and a Senior C++ Developer. Have a look at our open positions below and apply if you qualify or forward this to anyone who you might think is a good match for our team.

UI/UX Designer
Are you a UI/UX designer by day and VJ by night? We have the dream job for you. Join us and design how VJ’s interact with their visuals.

Resolume is an interface-first company. This means that when we think about a new feature in our software we first see how it will be integrated into the Avenue or Arena interface. If a new feature fits well into the current interface and “feels right” only then we start writing code.

As a UI/UX designer for Resolume you need to understand our audience and their environment. Resolume is a live instrument so the interface needs to be very fast and clear to work with. Yet at the same time live shows are becoming more and more complex as stages become bigger. We need to walk the line between complexity and “easy-to-use” every single day.

  • Create mockups and prototypes of new features before development is started
  • Improve usability of Resolume
  • Modernize UI design of Resolume
  • Score at least 3 goals everyday in our (very passionate) table football matches
  • Expand our Adobe XD design system to quickly create prototypes and deliver the final design
  • Experience designing desktop applications
  • Experience as a VJ, DJ or Light Jockey is not required but a huge benefit
  • Fluid in Adobe XD, Photoshop & Illustrator
  • An eye for detail to craft pixel perfect interfaces
  • Full-time (4 or 5 days per week) position
  • Dutch or English speaking
  • Location: The Hague (EU applications only)
  • Salary indication: ~40-52k

Senior C++ Developer
We’re looking to expand our team of 7 C++ developers here at Resolume HQ. We have a lot of ideas for new features in Resolume and we need extra hands and brains to actually build all this cool new stuff. Our team here at Resolume HQ is very diverse with experience ranging from 2 to 20 years in cross-platform software development. This means we can all learn from each other and together come up with the best solution to implement new features and maintain our code.

Are you a team player and you want to join a small and friendly team of developers then contact us, we’d love to have a chat.

  • 5+ years experience in developing software using C/C++ on Mac OS X & Windows
  • Experience with JUCE Framework (not required but a very big plus)
  • Experience with OpenGL && Vulkan (not required but a big plus)
  • Full-time (4 or 5 days per week) position
  • Dutch or English speaking
  • Location: The Hague (EU applications only)
  • Salary indication: ~40-52k

Product Manager
Developing software requires much more than writing code. Software needs to look good. It needs to work well. It needs to do what it's users want. It needs to be self explanatory yet well documented. It needs to be promoted.

This requires a lot of different disciplines; developers, testers, support, translators, marketeers and they all need to somehow work together on one product.

Do you know how to juggle all these balls in the air? Come join our team!

You'll be working in our team and our community to determine what we can do to make Resolume even better. What issues need to be addressed first and what features need to be implemented. You’ll be responsible to make sure all those disciplines work together towards one goal; a better Resolume.

  • Proven experience in software product management, preferably in the visual design or music production industry
  • Full-time (4 or 5 days per week) position
  • Dutch or English speaking
  • Location: The Hague (EU applications only)
  • Salary indication: ~40-52k

About Resolume
The idea for Resolume was born in 1998. We wanted to VJ with software instead of VHS players because that would allow us to improvise and match our visuals to the music much better. Now, more than 20 years later Resolume has become the industry standard for performing live visuals. We never imagined this would happen when we started and we're very grateful that our long term commitment and determination has brought us this.

Because we have been doing this for so long we are not a start-up anymore. We have so many customers who perform with our software in front of a large crowd. We feel the responsibility to only release new features and updates when they are truly well implemented and tested.

We do not do any contract work, we only work on our own products so we determine our own (realistic) dead-lines. This greatly reduces the stress involved in our work. We're also not a start-up anymore, this means we have no pressure to "bring new stuff to market" as soon as possible. We work on improving Resolume everyday and make long term decisions with quality in mind.

Here at Resolume HQ in The Hague we work in a small (10+) team where everybody is treated equal and your opinion is respected. This way we learn from each other and find solutions for problems together.

We have a very friendly community of Resolume users who gather on our forum and on Facebook. Experienced users share their knowledge here and new users are welcomed and educated. Our development is very much driven by our community. By participating every day we learn about issues very quickly and can respond to user requests.

To apply please email your motivation, resume and portfolio to Bart van der Ploeg.
Please do not contact us if you are a recruiter.

Posted by bart on Thursday September 26, 2019 at 16:03 Tags: Jobs
Comment from He2neg:

Are there any plans to develop some kind of certification for Resolume Users? Like for most other Media Servers and AV Switchers on the market.

I wouldn´t say no to be involved in the growing resolume world and get deeper inside the rabbit hole.

Comment from francoe:

Certification for Resolume Users? Are you joking, right? :lol:

Comment from He2neg:

Not realy a joke no... I see that a certification of something doesnt mean you are good.

But in the moment there is just nothing.....

I mean when you need help with resolume or want to talk to someone in person to learn it. What do you do... I would think its good to have some kind of database were to find some experienced users in the world....

Comment from cosmowe:

....and a very exciting new product coming up.

....is it a Playback-Pro alternative? ...kind of like...Resolume Light.

or maybe a

....Resolume Timeline Manager?


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