New FreeFrameGL Effects: Cosmic Pack by IRworkshop

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Ivan Ryaboff from IRworkshop has been busy programming a set of 3D FreeFrameGL effects. The pack is now done and released for Mac OS and Windows. IR Cosmic Pack consists of 6 3D effects that revolve around the theme of replicating video in 3D space. The plugins are free to try, 29.90 Euro to buy. A bargain. Highly recommended, if this fits your style. Have a look on the IRworkshop website for all the details.

BTW, Ivan is not only a great programmer and VJ, but a photographer too. Take a gander at his work on Flickr, it's amazing.

We're very happy to see more developers writing FFGL effects. We're working on a FreeFrame wrapper for openFrameworks which will make it even easier to compile plugins and leverage the power of OF ;-) and it's addons. We hope this will encourage even more FreeFrame development in this amazing community of creative programmers. It will be open sourced as soon as it's done and tested.

Posted by bart on Wednesday February 24, 2010 at 15:32
Comment from black_sire:

Thanks, Bart!

Comment from serik:

Wow, a OF wrapper sounds like an awesome idea.

Comment from kosho:

This package looks interesting. However as a long time user of Resolume 2.x, I have collected hundreds of FreeFrame effects (and spent $100's). Some of these effects form the real core of my live motion graphics style and I have developed a special touch using them with my content collection.

Is there no way to somehow build an interface or perhaps a converter for the FreeFrame effects so they will take advantage of OpenGL?

Keep up the good work!

Comment from francoe:

Recently I found this, and Im happy.

FreeFrame 1.0 plugins in a FFGL host: introducing fugWrapperGL
"Here's a little bonus one for you all...
I think it's a bit of a shame that you can't use all those hundreds of FreeFrame 1.0 plugins in Resolume Avenue (and others?) so I created a plugin that allows you to do just that!
It's called fugWrapperGL and you can download the latest release at:

There are some issues with plugins that don't handle alpha properly but it seems to work, on the whole

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