Resolume Avenue 3.3 Released

Hurray! Another Resolume update! Version 3.3 includes DMX input, a faster DXV codec, improved camera capture on the mac and a boat load of other goodies. Checkout the release notes below and then hit the download.

DMX Input
This is a big one, you can now control resolume from a lighting desk using DMX. Or any other show control software that can send DMX. Resolume receives DMX via the Enttec USB Pro device or via ArtNet.

DMX Auto Map and/or Composition Mapping
By default the most important functions in Resolume are automatically assigned to a DMX channel. This is called DMX Auto Map and it's done for all layers. This way you can create profiles for your favorite desks and rest assured the DMX Auto Map will always be the same.

If you want to assign your own DMX channels in Resolume you can do this like you are used to with MIDI using the Composition DMX Map.

DMX License
We want to keep the base price of Avenue affordable so an additional DMX License is required to use DMX input. You can first try it as long as you like of course, just enable it in the DMX preferences, only a Resolume watermark will be shown.

You can buy a DMX License for 199 Euro in the Resolume shop.

Faster DXV Codec
Rendering video files to the DXV codec used to take forever. We have spent a lot of time optimizing the rendering algorithm to make it faster. And faster it is! In some cases it's 20 times faster! This means rendering takes about as long as the Photo JPEG codec so you do not have to wait an entire decade to convert your files anymore. A few other bugs have also been fixed, like rendering with Adobe Premiere on Windows.

Application MIDI mapping on effects
You can now assign midi notes or dials to (for instance) the opacity of the first 3 composition effects and use them no matter what effect is loaded. Many old Resolume 2 users will love this. All you have to do is assign your MIDI controller and you can load and unload effects as you like. The midi will always control the effects, no matter which is loaded.

Improved Camera Capture on the Mac
Resolume now uses the latest Mac OS X 10.5 capture APIs so it's faster and more stable. Note that your current compositions might not load your cameras anymore. Just drag it in again and it will work. Sorry for this inconvenience, it was impossible to make it backwards compatible.

Set Rotation to 0 with MIDI
All parameters can now be set back to their default value with a MIDI controller. So when you move your MIDI dial or slider the Scale passes exactly 100% and Rotate exactly 0 degrees instead of 2.04 or something. Small things like this can make life so much better ;-)

Master Audio Preview
As requested by Alessandro from FrankSentUs, you can now hear the master audio output before the delay on the monitor output. You enable this composition preview by clicking on the "Composition" button at the top op the interface. This is essential when you are using the Master Audio Output Delay to line up your audio on the PA with the video on the beamer.

Show in Explorer/Finder
Ever forgot where you saved the video file in a clip? Select Show in Explorer (or Show in Finder on the mac) in the clip menu.

RGB Blend Mode
With the RGB mixer you fade in each colour channel separately, it's hard to explain what it does, give it a go, we quite like it.

Fixed Bugz
[fixed] Rescan for display devices when output menu is opened.
[fixed] Remember Focus: Layer | Deck when mapping
[fixed] Deck order changes randomly when re-opening a composition
[fixed] Triggering a paused clip in BPM sync mode does not work
[fixed] Crash: Adjustments submenu of isight on mac
[fixed] Clips out of sync when switching to bpm-sync
[fixed] Sometimes the capture devices disappear from the sources list
[fixed] Quit doesn't actually happen until you move the mouse over the interface
[fixed] Freeze effect skillfully obviates the alpha channel
[fixed] enabling thumbnails in browser loads first clip in deck to clip properties panel
[fixed] Clip with FFGL source store a path to the filename instead of id of plugin
[fixed] Adding effects when mapping is enabled doesn't show mappable regions for newly added controls
[fixed] Clip properties in Deck mapping are not based on which clip is focused
[fixed] Deleting comp from browser does not work
[fixed] When recording the master fade is not taken into account.
[fixed] bpm synced parameter does not play after save and reopen
[fixed] Layer audio preview should ignore layer volume & bypass
[fixed] Non beat snapped bpm synced v-only clips have strange (re)triggering behavior when set to play once
[fixed] FFGL text parameter bugz
[fixed] Wave Warp kills Quartz Composer
[fixed] Wave Warp leaking
[fixed] Edge detection effect mode doesn't change
[fixed] Columns names disappear
[fixed] Audio settings not saved correctly when a sound card has a lot of inputs

Posted by bart on Wednesday August 4, 2010 at 09:54
Comment from GeeEs:

:o Awesome! Last week I was doing a fresh install of everything on my new SSD! :twisted: Now I can add this new version too! Great work guys!

Comment from Rene:

Great! - Application MIDI mapping on effects is really a very, very big improvement!!! :D - Thanks a lot!

Comment from Sz&Sz:

This is just wonderfull news!

Comment from playmeart:

For some reason, after installing 3.3, no video is shown through the preview monitor or output monitor.

Comment from jim:

Good work Gentlemen, many great improvements, possibly one of the best version updates in resolume history, ie not including the redesign from 2-3

Comment from Joris:

playmeart wrote:For some reason, after installing 3.3, no video is shown through the preview monitor or output monitor.
Please use the 'send feedback' option to send us your logfile, a description of the steps you're taking and what you see happening, and if possible a screenshot of your interface. We'd like to nip any issues in the bud, but this really is not enough info to work with.


Comment from black_sire:

Thanks for error correction in text parameters of effects. Now my plug-in "IR OSC Step automation" works. Look demonstration:

Comment from Tschoepler:

black_sire wrote:Thanks for error correction in text parameters of effects. Now my plug-in "IR OSC Step automation" works. Look demonstration:
WOOHOO!!! this is dope! thanks a million times.

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