Flash Text Animations for Resolume

Two weeks ago we released Resolume 3.3.2 which fixes some Flash instability so this week we're happy to offer you a new Flash text animations pack by Patrick Jansen called FancyType.

FancyType Flash Text VJ Footage

Hungry for more? Checkout ReadMe which we developed together with our good friends from Chromosoom.

FortyMinus was the first Flash pack we released and it remains popular today.

Still can't get no satisfaction? Roll your own! The Resolume 3 manual shows all the details you need to create your own titles for Resolume in Flash.

Posted by bart on Tuesday April 19, 2011 at 15:22 Tags: Flash
Comment from Basic:

I AM LOVING THIS! got so much ld flash stuff! needs to be brought back to life!

Comment from patrickjansen:

Hi Basic,
Official announce will be any day now but for those eager to see more, check out this link.

And I have big plans for more, the big advantage of Flash footage is that it's extremely versatile and customizable through the actual Resolume software itself, unlike fixed-result video footage.

Stay tuned ;)

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