Planet Lotus - Flying Lotus Gig Report

Eliane and Krista went to see Flying Lotus in Amsterdam. This is what happened.

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It is wednesday night november 7th 2012, at the Paradiso in Amsterdam, the lights are still on, the crowd is chatting, all waiting for the great Flying Lotus - aka Steven Ellison - who will step onto the stage within minutes and hypnotize us with his wickedly sick tunes and beats.

Not only his music is mind blowing, he now has a visual show to go with it. Those who have been following Flying Lotus and have seen his video clip of 'Until the quiet comes' know that we're in for a treat tonight…

Standing at the front right side of the stage - still in anticipation of the great Lotus - we drink a beer and the 'video nerd' in us starts talking about the 2 screen stage setup...

We always have the tendency to talk through a whole show and discuss how we would do something like this and how it could have been done differently, and then in our over-enthusiasm we totally forget to follow the show and accidentally ignore the people around us who are now beginning to get slightly annoyed by us.

But thank God the lights dim, the visuals light up and Flying Lotus walks onto the stage. A group of hormonal young girls scream in front of us. Something we would never do, of course.

Within minutes we come to the conclusion that this audio/visual setup has been done very nicely. With beamers everywhere, the projection is seamless and with Flying Lotus standing in between the two large screens, he appears and disappears in the overlapping visuals. We're intrigued, so we shut up and enjoy the show.

The group of hormonal young girls on the other hand, do not shut up, so we switch places, towards the left side of the room.

Unbelievable how much space there is to dance in the front, in the back people are humping each other like animals.
Also something we would never do, of course.

We dance, drink, look and listen, and the 'video nerd' in us is not bugging us anymore.

We want to see every side of the show and every side of Mister Lotus, so we make our way to the front of the stage.

The visuals by Strangeloop and Timeboy are nice. The abstract images on the screen in the back and the more detailed animations on the screen in the front work very well together with the music, perhaps a little bit dense at times but it´s definitely a good show all together. The two-screen setup is simple, but effective. We love it when it it's kept simple, you focus more on the total experience of the show.

After he sends his last beats into the crowd, Mister Flying Lotus himself jumps from stage, into the audience.
We hump him and scream like little hormonal girls.


If Flying Lotus was a planet, we want to live there.
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XOXO Eliane and Krista - Resolume Party Reporters - signing off ;)

More info on Flying Lotus, Strangeloop and Timeboy.

More info on Krista and Eliane.

Photos by Henk Treur

And if you, like us, can't enough of this, here's the making of again:

Posted by Joris on Thursday November 29, 2012 at 15:55 Tags: Flying Lotus
Comment from Basic:

Love the concept and really nice visuals.

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