Maxing Out on Science & Art

Photo by J. Rosenberg

Max Cooper is not your average electronic producer. With a PHD in Computational Biology, Max is what we like to call an Audio-Visual Scientist. Through his work he tries to bridge the gap, or reinforce the deep-seeded relationship between science, art and music. A look through his work and you realize how successful he has been.

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Unveiling the Magic- Ultra Music Festival, Miami 2018

Ultra Music Festival is a technology lover’s Disneyland. Every year, the month of March has all eyes on Miami: Artists showcasing fresh sounds and music; Visual artists showcasing fresh content & mad skills; festival organizers showcasing new heights of production design; and fans showcasing new levels of outrageous clothing. The festival has it all.

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KBK - Awakening The Beast

If you are into live visuals & motion graphics, KBK visuals is where it’s at.

Founded under the name of Kijkbuiskinderen in 2003, they’re super multidisciplinary with backgrounds in graphic design, animation, graffiti, photography, music et cetera. A collective of specialists, they expertly tie together the unending realm of visual art, installation, stage design, motion graphics and automation. It’s all about video and how video can relate to its surroundings. After having worked with the biggest artists at the coolest festivals, their work has already gone down in new-age history.

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Cosmic Connection with Total Unicorn

“On a breezeless day, in total darkness, on the underside of the planet, somewhere in Austin, The Protocorn pulled a laptop from a rock and called itself Single Unicorn. Drawn to the roiling lumps of the sound waves, other corns appeared: an impossible trio. The Unicorn became Total.“

What do you get when you put a composer, visual artist and choreographer together? Cool content.
Thrown in a unicorn.. and things get cosmic.

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Where Wolves Roam

Wolves are slightly eccentric, mega talented visual artists who are making their presence felt across the globe. With fabulous skills to boast of, Joshua Dmello & Jash Reen have been fast racing to the front of the (visual) pack.

They’ve worked with all sizes of setups- from tiny to large to omgsomassive and have delivered to the hilt, over & over again. Be it with projection, or LED.

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Visual Pixation with Rick Jacobs

Our quest for excellence in the visual space has now brought us to Rick Jacobs of RJB visuals.

Photo by Tanya Kangur
Photo by Tanya Kangur
Touring currently with Nicky Romero, and the man behind the operation and visual design of his entire show, the stuff that Rick does is epic of massive proportions.

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Make Some Noisia

Dutch electronic megahouse Noisia has been rocking the planet with their latest album ‘Outer Edges’.

Photo by Diana Gheorghiu

It was a wait. But one that was truly worth it. Essentially a concept album, they pushed the boundaries on this one by backing it up with a ‘concept tour’.

An audio-visual phenomenon with rivetting content, perfect sync & melt-yo-face energy, the Outer Edges show is one that could not pass our dissection.

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