Resolume Avenue & Arena 6.0.7 update: Easter Bunny

With this Resolume release the Easter Bunny hops to version 6.0.7. Fixes a couple of bugs, makes some performance improvements and eats his chocolate eggs. Download!

8877 OSC, /composition/direction sends -1 for each direction
10163 MM: unable to relocate files when path is the same, cross platform
10408 Fix of #9842 results in Envelope Graphs being bugged with Shaper Effects
10529 Selected Clip on Selected doesn't give a midi feedback
10695 DMX Input is disabled until you open Preferences unless you have a DMX Output enabled in ASS
10720 Deadlock using Text Block
10843 Sometimes frame prediction breaks on start of clip
10882 Composition 16 bit color depth not applied on Resolume start composition auto load.
10886 Global Playback Controls have Piano options; but doesn't have the expected effect.
10895 Colorize and Tint effects don't use input color's alpha value
10907 Composition Master's parameter ranges not set to default when creating new composition
10915 Fix output shortcut manager eating entire core although no output shortcuts are enabled
10920 Clip in group with unpinned direction does not have composition's pinned direction applied on launch
10921 Group direction gets pinned to composition's pinned direction on composition open if group direction is not pinned.
10927 Stingy sphere's near side is transparent so you see through to the far side
10930 Playing with Transport controls (on BPM Sync) on clip level creates a feeze
10940 AutoMask, add Channel option to determine which channel defines the mask
10960 "DNA upload test" is part of the generators in 6.0.6 public release
10969 Fix layer's connectSpecificClip param being serialized
10971 Fresh installation of 6.0.6 on windows 7 is broken
10975 ConnectSpecificClip does not send upstate for clip triggers
10978 Group dashboard assignment is broken
10982 Cannot add audio track when dropping audio file on video clip panel
10995 OSC "All" shorcuts send * as index instead of a number
11001 Fix 0% opacity layers still being rendered
11034 FPS doesn't recover when you have ran out of vram (possibly)

...and of course an assortment of egg shaped crashes have been boiled, painted and oooh-ed at.

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Resolume Avenue & Arena 6.0.4 Update

Resolume 6 needs to phone home every 30 days to check if its registration is still good. This is so you no longer need to contact us for help with broken or lost computers. You can just manage your license online, whenever you need it, even when it's the middle of the night in The Hague and we're all sleeping. Most of you never noticed because Resolume verifies your license automatically during startup.

But some of you noticed. We made a mistake by not clearly informing you about this change. So, 30 days after Black Friday, of course right during Christmas, a few of you got an unpleasant surprise when Resolume went into demo mode midshow. That sucks. The show suffered and that should never happen. We messed up and we apologise.

On this release, we've addressed this by letting you know right when you register. Also, you now get a warning on the toolbar after 15 days offline use. 5 days before your license expires, you get a pop-up during startup. You still need to go online, but at least you get ample warning when your license is about to expire.

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Merry Christmas Everybody! A New Toy: Alley

Everybody likes new toys for Christmas right? Here is our new little toy; Alley. It's a super quick and efficient video player for previewing your video files and soon also for converting your videos. Consider this version a preview of what's to come, now it's a viewer, we're working on the conversion and that will be available in an update early 2018.

Download Alley for macOS or Windows.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Team Resolume

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Resolume Avenue & Arena 6.0.1 Update

After just releasing 6.0.0, there's 6.0.1 already? Yes, here it is! Although we haven't found any huge showstoppers in 6.0.0, there's always improvements to be made. So we keep this truck on rolling.

We like JAY-Z. We gotta keep it movin'....

On to the next one
On to the next one
On to the next one
On to the next one

Download 6.0.1

phpBB [video]

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Resolume Avenue & Arena 6.0.0 Released!

After almost 2 months of beta, here is the final Resolume Avenue & Arena 6.0.0. Download is now open to everybody. Come and get it.

Thank you all for your feedback! Thanks to you we have been able to find and fix a lot of bugs and we think this version is ready for prime time.

This version can now open compositions from Avenue 4 and Arena 5. Simply select Composition > Open... from the Menu. Browse to ~/(My)Documents/Resolume Arena 5/compositions/ or ~/(My)Documents/Resolume Avenue 4/compositions/ and select the composition you would like to open. Double check if everything is working correctly. 99% of all your old composition settings should work just fine in version 6 but some things are not transferrable.

Please continue to send us your feedback. Because v6 can update itself we plan to release minor updates much more often. We have already started on 6.0.1...

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Download Resolume Avenue & Arena 6 Beta 3

We're soldiering on towards the final 6.0.0 release, here is Beta 3. Again, many crashes have been fixed, bugs squashed, pencils sharpened. Perhaps it's time for you to try this version on a gig?

Please log in to your account and download Beta 3. Let us know on the forum how it goes!

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Resolume Avenue & Arena 6 Beta 2 Available Now

It's less then two weeks since we released Resolume 6 Beta 1 and here is Beta 2! In this version we fixed a lot of crashes and made many improvements. Please log in to your account and download this second Beta. Let us know on the forum how it goes!

Thank You!
When we released Resolume 6 two weeks ago, we must admit, we were quite nervous. But we were overwhelmed by all the positive response from so many of you! It's so nice to see your enthusiasm for something we have worked so hard on for so long. Brenton March sums it all up with his top comment on Facebook: "YOU DID IT! you fixed EVERYTHING! the media manager alone makes me smile so hard, but all the other stuff, the custom UI, the new grouping system, wow. and 64 BIT!"

And we love how sometimes the little things matter the most. Cosmowe says on the forum: "OK...I'm done!.....the scrollbar is Midi mappable!!!!! :-)" And Nils Voges comments on Facebook: "wooohooo 'next-button'! major improvements! thank you!"

Ryan Whitmer expressed his joy with this gif:

Thank you all for making us smile and glow with pride :-)

Quartz Composer Removed
It wasn't all fun and giggles last week, unfortunately we had to make the difficult decision to remove Quartz Composer playback from Resolume 6. Quartz Composer was causing a lot of bugs and crashes that are impossible for us to fix because it's really not made to be used in a multi-threaded rendering application. Apple has abandoned Quartz Composer for years already so these problems are not going to be fixed. Of course Quartz Composer playback is still in trusty old Avenue 4 and Arena 5 and it will always stay there.

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