Resolume Quick Tip: Piano mode

Use the piano switch for key and midi maps to add a punch to your visuals.

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Quick Tip: Copy Effects

Ah, the delightful colours of Avenue 3. The tricks are still valid though!

How to quickly copy effects between clips, layers and the composition:

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Resolume Quick Tip: Wikka Wikka Scratch

It's been a while since we posted one of these, but they're back with a vengeance. Although they were mostly recorded with good ole Avenue 3, the tips will work in Avenue 4 and Arena 4 as well of course!

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Resolume Quick Tip: Use the Dashboard dials

New Quick Tip online, this one's all about being in control via the dashboard...

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Resolume Quick Tip: Use DXV encoding

Another week, another quick tip:


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Resolume Quick Tip: Load single decks

After having revealed it in writing on the forum, here's a video of it as well:

Now go double click yourself some new compositions on the fly!

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