New Footage Releases: Circular

We go round and round in this month's release.

Laak drops another quantity bomb with CRQL. All footage in CRQL is rendered as square videos, because that makes sense when you think about it.

Get CRQL by Laak from Resolume Footage

phpBB [video]

Ablaze gets down with the kinetic tactics on OverlayEccentrics.

Get OverlayEccentrics by Ablaze Visuals from Resolume Footage
phpBB [video]

And BluElk broadens your view with Panoramic.

Get Panoramic by BluElk from Resolume Footage
phpBB [video]

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Arena 5.1.2 & Avenue 4.6.2 Micro Updates

Since the big Arena 5.1 and Avenue 4.6 release we have released two micro updates. They're not small enough to win a Nobel prize but we're happy to do the maintenance and give you a more stable Resolume.


Arena 5.1.1 & Avenue 4.6.1 Micro Update:
- [FIXED] Master Fader & Composition Fade Out broken when using the output menu
- [FIXED] Solid Color Effect Show Image parameter not working
- [FIXED] Spout via Advanced output not working

Arena 5.1.2 & Avenue 4.6.2 Micro Update:
- [FIXED] Crash during startup
- [FIXED] Advanced screen setup and outputs not working in OSX 10.8 and lower
- [FIXED] Bezier outlines rendering is broken
- [FIXED] Certain blend modes still show white
- [FIXED] SVG output does not take into account perspective warping
- [FIXED] Crash when creating and deleting a fixture on Windows

We now offer installers that do not include example footage so your download is much smaller & quicker. You'll find this link in the Other Version dropdown on the download page.

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Super Quick Review: Samson Conspiracy

As you all know, Resolume stacks layers vertically. To us, it always felt a bit weird to control those layers with a midi controller that puts its faders horizontally. So we got this little guy in the office because we liked the vertical fader layout, and wanted to see if it was a good match for Resolume.


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Resolume Arena 5.1 & Avenue 4.6 Level Boss

phpBB [video]

You know how it goes.

You think you know how this game works, and that you've got the level boss' attack pattern all figured out. You know his weak points, and all you need to do is wait for him to step left so you can shoot at that gap in his armor. Then, just as he reaches half health, he mutates and is back to full health. And he's full of new tricks.

The Arena 5.1 / Avenue 4.6 release is Resolume's Boss Fight. New features, new tricks, new workflows. You know, to keep you on your toes.

Hit that download!

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Footage Releases: Reflections on the Past and an Eye to the Future

We're proud to announce the first official release by Diana Gheorghiu. After sneaking in FerroCious under an alias, she's now back with the amazing Progressions:

phpBB [video]

Get Progressions *exclusively* from Resolume Footage.

Ghosteam is back with amazing eye to detail and gorgeous reflections
phpBB [video]

Get LightRooms from Resolume Footage.

And Ostwerker brings an HD update to his classic PartikelStorm.
phpBB [video]

Get PartikelStorm 2*exclusively* from Resolume Footage.

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Artist Profile: Richard De Souza // Manoeuvre

Say what you will about Facebook, it's an amazing medium to get in touch with people. You can get the skinny on what's happening on the other side of the world, and see things you would otherwise never know about. Case in point: Richard De Souza. I got connected to Richard about a year ago, and since then, my newsfeed started filling up with one jaw dropping stage design after another. Seems like the Australian continent, besides spiders, is hosting buckets of raw talent as well.

Who are you and how do you spend your day?

I am the director of MNVR (Manoeuvre); an Australian based new media company primarily focussed on concert visuals and interactive. I’m always working on something. If not in production mode I’m either VJing or developing custom VJ tools. I love tinkering and I spend most of my free time progressing my art and process.


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Footage Releases: Ghosts, Dreams and Nightmares

This month we got three sets straight from your rapid eye movements.

Chromosoom drops a set with dreamlike classical dance. Classy and elegant, it's a breath of fresh air between all the abstract 3d.

phpBB [video]

Get WhiteDancer by Chromosoom, *exclusively* from Resolume VJ Footage.

And lastly, BluElk is back with Cronenberg inspired set, made of nightmares and itchy glitch.

phpBB [video]

Get OrganicForms by BluElkfrom Resolume Footage.

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