New Footage Releases: Familiar Faces Doing What They Do Best

The releases are coming thick and fast, but you know we always keep an eye on quality. Wherever possible, the DXV3 encoded versions will come with alpha transparency, instead of a regular black background. That means that you can get both Electric and Synthesize with embedded alpha! Happy mixing times, oh yes.

Mathias Muller is king of the particles.

phpBB [video]

Get FluidMandalas from the Resolume label.

Raw Designs is back with more visual synthesis.

phpBB [video]

Get Synthesize 2 from the Resolume label.

And Artificially Awake doesn't sleep, he renders.

phpBB [video]

Get Electric from the Resolume label

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Res 4.2 Speech Recognition - Look Ma, No Hands!

///// So yeah, as most of you figured out, this was our April Fools' joke for 2015. See you next year, everyone! /////

One of the exciting new features in Res 4.2 is speech recognition. That’s right, you can now control Resolume just by saying what you want to do.

Check the video for an overview of the basic controls and a some hints on the new special effect commands.

phpBB [video]

Of course speech recognition needs a clear sound signal, so when using it in a club environment, it’s best to ask the DJ to turn the music down.

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Resolume 4.2 Released - Smoother and Faster

4.2 improves on the stuff that you use every day. The stuff that allows you to do your amazing shows on screens all across the globe. Because we know this is what matters to you most. A stable, fast and healthy application.

UPDATE: We have now also released maintenance version 4.2.1 which brings a number of bug fixes.

phpBB [video]

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Gorgeous & Playful Interactive Projection Mapping

Dalziel-Pow is a London-based agency with over 30 years' experience in brand and retail design, passionate about creating retail experiences that are unique and engaging for the customer.

A few days ago, they sent us the link to their amazing new project:

phpBB [video] ... esign-expo

They were kind enough to expand a little about how the project works:

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New Footage Release: Colourful Robot Machine Elves

This time we have three familiar names representing the Res footage label.

Ostwerker get their mecha on with Robotronic:

phpBB [video]

Get Robotronic *exclusively* from Resolume Footage!

Catmac is our resident psychonaut. His new pack SpiritMolecule is full of psychedelic patterns and fractal geometry:
phpBB [video]

Get SpiritMolecule *exclusively* from Resolume Footage

And Artificially Awake just does what he does best, bang out amazing content:
phpBB [video]

Get Gimbal VJ footage by Artificially Awake

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World wide FFGL plugins list

This list contains all the FFGL effects for Resolume we know about at the moment. Most of them are free, some are premium.

Compatible with Resolume 6 and earlier (32/64 bit)

Hybrid Visuals Chaser:

Techlife Lots of plugins including FFGL AnalogTV, FFGL AsciiArt, FFGL Manga and FFGL Glitch

VFX Art Shop Lots and lots of plugins on the psychedelic end of the spectrum (most plugins Windows only)

BigFug fugGlitch, fugFeedback, fugPower and fugScope

Subpixel TriTone and AutoMask (windows Only)

Visution Mapio

William Rood aceFX bundle

Trypta Kaleido (PC only)

Angelo Dvizion's KaleidoFX, MasterFX and the amazing Mapper

Yochee has been porting some Shadertoy goodness to FFGL (PC only)

We ported Dani Berio's Fireworks to native FFGL and made it part of the open source FFGL repo.

VJ-Spack-O-Mat Lots of fractally and shiny goodness (all plugins PC Only) ... .0/release

Daniel Arnett's 360 VJ plugin turns your world upside down and inside out

Compatible with Resolume 5 and earlier (32 bit only)

Visution ClipSA, FaderSA, IR OSCSA, IR Keystone2[3], IR Cosmic Pack

Hive8 Radial Cloner and Horizontal Cloner

1210 Visuals FrRGBDelay, FrFunkyColor, FrParameters and FrMultiStrobe

Dani, Resolume DropShadow and Fireworks

Hybrid Visuals Plexus, Game of Life, Whitney and SnowFlake:

Marc Wren sfColorRings, sfSpiderPoints, sfJuniperStar, sfBranches (careful, these plugins seem to be abandoned)

Oleg Potiy FFGLTriangleMixer (Mac & PC), FFGLVolumeRenderer (PC only) ... aster/Bins ... aster/Bins

Lynn Jarvis Spout FFGL, ShaderLoader, ShaderMaker, AutoThreshold (PC only)

Chris Korda Triplight

Team Syphon Syphon FFGL (Mac only)

Darren Mothersele Noise, RGB Source, Spiral Source, Underwater Life, Evil, Plasma Ball (all plugins Mac only)

So how do I use these plugins with Resolume?

On Resolume 6, drop them in the Extra Effects subfolder in Resolume's folder in Documents. Resolume will load this folder automatically on the next launch.

On Resolume 5 and before, create a new folder called ‘FFGL Plugins’ inside the Resolume folder in My Documents (PC) or Documents (Mac). Copy the unzipped .bundle file (Mac) or .dll file (PC) into that folder. In Resolume, add this folder as an extra FFGL plugin folder in the video tab of the preferences. Restart Resolume and the plugins will be loaded.

Let's try to keep this thread clean, so it stays a good resource. Please post additions and changes as comments below, we will then update the list accordingly.

This is not the place to discuss problems with these plugins. For support, you will have to contact the developer of the plugin directly. This is not the place to discuss FFGL development, there's a separate board for that.

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New Footage Releases: New Blood in the Family

This month we welcome Artificially Awake to the Resolume Footage fam.

His first release Displace is great for adding some extra depth to your visuals:

phpBB [video]

Get Displace by Artificially Awake from the Resolume shop.

Video2000 is back, and this time he's just showing off. Insanely detailed 3d artwork in his new pack Technotron.
phpBB [video]

Get TechnoTron by Video2000 *exclusive* from the Resolume shop.

And even though we haven't heard from them in a while, the OWK crew is back with a banger.
phpBB [video]

Get CityDrives by Ostwerker *exclusive* from the Resolume shop.

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