On Tour with Zedd: Gabe Damast

Working for Resolume, we're lucky enough to see some of the most amazing VJ talent in action. One such person is Gabe Damast, whose live show for Zedd blew me away. Gabe is a true VJ and seldom we see a show this tight and in sync with the music. And most amazing of all, it's pure VJ skill, no SMPTE or other tricks.

Take a look at the video for an idea of how Gabe rocks it, and then read on below for what he has to say about all this.

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New Footage and a New Artist

Checkout this first release by WTFlow aka Florian Michel! It's called Trilt and it's a banger. This kid has a lot of tricks up his sleeve so expect more from him soon.

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Trilt by WTFlow

Dan Wise is back with more Dazzle camo tactics in RazzleDazzle2.
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RazzleDazzle2 by Dan Wise

And if you can’t get enough of those Tron-tastic glowy lines and shiny surfaces then Video2000 has you covered with Construct.
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Construct by Video2000

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Resolume Arena 5.0.3 and Avenue 4.5.3: Marathon

Update Friday April 29th

There we were, running our marathon. We were on a good pace and we felt like we were making good time. Then, disaster struck. We tripped on an untied shoelace and hit face first in the mud.

So, with our cheeks still blushing from the embarrassment and caked with mud, we give you Resolume 5.0.4.
The 5.0.4 release fixes three silly mistakes that snuck their way into 5.0.3.

Download here!

#6259 Midi Clock is broken
#6258 Clips don't play when opacity is at 0
#5797 Japanese font rendering.


The long distance runner's eyes lose their focus. He can't remember how long he has been running. All he knows his still has to go on. Sometimes he feels like he can't make it. Every step feels like lead and his feet feel like fire. Other times he catches new wind and he feels like he's soaring across the skies and leaps tall buildings in a single bound.

His eyes refocus. The finish line is not in sight yet. But he knows he's going to make it. And he's loving every step along the way.

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Resolume Video Training

Finally! Online video training for Resolume! We've worked with the wonderful Doc Optic and created 2 whole hours of in-depth video training.

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Combining video, lights and laser: Rebel Overlay at Hydra

When we released Arena 5 with the added options for DMX output, we were expecting you guys to do amazing things with it. Still, Spencer Heron from Rebel Overlay recently sent us a video that exceeded our expectations and then some.

Their setup has video, lights and laser, all controlled by a single instance of Arena. Combined with Rebel Overlay's trademark minimal design, it looks downright amazing.

phpBB [video]

Read more about Rebel Overlay and how they made this happen below.

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New Footage Releases: Worth the Wait

This month we have some long awaited goodies for you.

Laak finally gets to drop his phenomenal Botik:

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Get Botik by Laak *exclusively* from Resolume Footage.

Chromosoom is back with FlatFundamentals:

phpBB [video]

Get FlatFundamentals by Chromosoom *exclusively* from Resolume Footage.

And resident psychonaut Catmac is doing some LucidDreaming:

phpBB [video]

Get LucidDream by Catmac from Resolume Footage.

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Resolume Arena 5.0.2 & Avenue 4.5.2 Released

Here we have another maintenance release for you. Arena 5.0.2 and Avenue 4.5.2 contains quite a few bug fixes, some small workflow improvements and 3 new effects. Highly recommended this one, hit that download.

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 15.10.25.png
- New effects: ParticleSystem, PolarKaleido and Sparkles (Thanks to Joris & Edwin)
- Chinese interface translation by Antonio Sou (Thank you Ant!)
- German interface translation by Walter Riemenschneider (Thank you Walt!)
- Copy/Cut/Paste Slices & Fixtures (Thank you Spencer!)
- Activate advanced output Pan Tool with middle mouse click (Thanks Elgarf!)
- BPM ticker is highlighted on every 16th beat, starting with the 1st (Thanks Joris!)
- OSC input can take doubles as well as floats (Thanks VUO!)

- Inserting any USB device can cause Resolume to hang for a few seconds
- Crash with USB display device on OSX
- Enttec USB device support for OSX El Capitan
- Edge blending applies wrong blending when slices get stretched out
- Advanced Output defaults to nearest neighbor scaling
- When in Output Transform tab, click through shouldn't select slices from other screens
- Flash colors shown incorrect on El Capitan
- User is prevented from entering same port for OSC input and output on the same IP.
- Give some more info when trying to load an 4 screen setup preset in 5
- Immediate deselect for warped slices
- Advanced output UI does not like non-latin characters
- Selection of Screen is heavy and causes output to stop for a moment
- Remove 'Lumiverse 1' from the DMX input name
- AV fader doesn't pick up A and V slider when controlled via dmx/osc/midi
- Match Shape on multiple polygon slices
- Improve copy naming behaviour
- SMPTE offset for clip has wrong calculation when set to 29.97
- Fixture editor doesn't function with non-latin characters in user name
- Output masks are not re-rendered when reordered in the treeview
- Scrambled Japanese characters in output setup.
- Input mask outputs black on non-masking area instead of transparent
- Only draw fixture contents if its Lumiverse is selected
- Fixture Path is constructed from FileName, but our paths should only contain ASCII characters
- Remove match output shape for DMX Fixtures
- OSX Slice Copy/Cut/Pasting is intercepted by Mac Menu
- Warping header is only visible when it has anything to show
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