New Footage, New Artists, New You!

We are happy to welcome to the label Lilian Döring and Tomika.
Lilian Döring is a motion graphic designer from Brazil, who got us trapped in a TimeCapsule and left us there wondering if infinite exists. Tomika prepared for us Gussshy, a pack of colored loops perfect for the peak of the night.
Last but not least, Unit44 is back with his version of NewBabylon. Check out how detailed this guy's work is!

TimeCapsule by Lilian Döring

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Gussshy by Tomika
phpBB [video]

NewBabylon by Unit44
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Resolume Blog

This blog is about Resolume, VJ-ing and the inspiring things the Resolume users make. Do you have something interesting to show the community?
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New footage! Halloween is just around the corner!

Halloween celebrates life, death, and the fun we have in between. So here is a pack of sleek loops made by VJ Galaxy with this occasion. They are not creepy at all, just check them out!
On the same theme, we have Afterlife, a pack of loops hot as hell. O artist, we ask thee to multiply the gifts of thy render.
And here is something that will never die, for sure: the black and white mix of the freshly released Progressions2. The black and white lovers live forever as well.

Halloween by VJ Galaxy

phpBB [video]

Afterlife by Kev Zhu
phpBB [video]

Progressions2 by Diana Gheorghiu
phpBB [video]

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Resolume 7.0.4: Effect Renaming, Deck & Column Improvements, SMPTE >24 Hours, Bug Fixes

Resolume 7.0.4 includes many bug fixes but also some minor new features. You can rename effects, remove a lot of columns in one go and each deck can now have it's own number of columns so you do not end up with a lot of empty columns at the end of decks anymore. DMX shortcuts can now be limited to a certain range and SMPTE timecode goes to infinity and beyond!


Rename & Reorder Effects
2-EffectRenameReorder-1.gif (288.35 KiB) Viewed 2120 times
You can now rename an effect when you right-click it and you can simply grab an effect by it's header and drop it to reorder, no need to use the confusing "hamburger menu" icon to reorder anymore.

Remove Columns
3-704-columns.gif (759.47 KiB) Viewed 2119 times
Every deck in a composition does not have to have the same number of columns anymore. Each deck can now have it's own number of columns and this keeps your decks nice and tidy. It's also very easy to remove a lot of columns now. Right click a column and you have the option to remove all columns before and after that column.

SMPTE Beyond 24 hours
4-704-smpte-24.gif (17.18 KiB) Viewed 2118 times
According to the SMPTE timecode specifications you're not allowed to send timecode above 24 hours, however it is technically possible to go higher, now Arena will accept timecode up to 35 hours. Thanks to Danny Purdue from Programfeed for requesting this.

DMX Shortcut Range
5-703-dmx-range.gif (31.37 KiB) Viewed 2118 times
You can now easily limit the range on a parameter for DMX shortcuts. For instance control the Scale from 100% to 200% instead of the full 0% to 1000%.

Select "Check for Updates.." in the Avenue or Arena menu and it will self-update. Or head over to the downloads.

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New footage! Premade Composition Included

Not that we want to tell you what to do, but we prepared a premade composition that is now available to download at the purchase of Hands and VJSurvivalKit6.

In addition, we released Machine, a pack of 30 stand alone full screen, mad loops. Each loop has it's own charisma and they fit any type of music. We approve.

Hands by Rohan Gopalan

phpBB [video]

VJSurvivalKit6 by Laak
phpBB [video]

Machine by Catmac
phpBB [video]

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We're Hiring! UI/UX Designer | Senior C++ Developer | Product Manager

Picture by Comix
Picture by Comix
We're again growing rapidly here at Resolume HQ because of the release of version 7 and a very exciting new product coming up. We're looking to expand our team and hire a new Product Manager, UI/UX Designer and a Senior C++ Developer. Have a look at our open positions below and apply if you qualify or forward this to anyone who you might think is a good match for our team.

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Resolume Maintenance: 7.0.3 & 6.1.4 Released

We're in full on maintenance mode here at Resolume HQ to make sure v7 becomes just as stable as v6 as soon as possible. Unfortunately a new major release (like 6.0.0 and 7.0.0) usually comes with a few bugs because they contain a lot of new code and have not yet been road-tested as much. Please keep sending us your feedback on and send in crash reports so we can fix them as soon as possible. This is our top priority right now.

Resolume 7.0.3
Resolume 7.0.3 fixes a lot of bugs and some crashes that were occurring, especially when switching decks. Denon StageLinQ network connection is now much more robust and compatible with the Prime 4. This version is compatible with FFGL 2.1 plugins which has a few improvements so plugins can be made more user friendly. All our macOS installers are now notarised by Apple to ensure a smooth installation on macOS 10.15 Catalina.

Resolume 6.1.4
While working on bug fixes for v7 some bug fixes were easy to transfer to v6. So here is an even better version of good old v6: 6.1.4

Checkout the download page or select "Check for Updates..." in the Avenue or Arena menu and it will self-update.

Hotfix Monday Sept 30th
If Resolume could not startup on your Windows computer with an AMD video card then please download again. This issue is fixed in Arena 7.0.3 rev66005 and Avenue 7.0.3 rev 65698.

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New Footage! Welcome to the label: Machina Infinitum

We welcome to the label: Machina Infinitum. These guys are taking us to the beginning, when glass was not a lens and a pixel was not yet an image with their first release PainterlyGlass. With WildStyles Laak has the perfect pack for when you need to get weird and wild. Visual Delight brings you sacred loops and perfect animations in PyramidOrbs.

PainterlyGlass by Machina Infinitum

phpBB [video]

WildStyles by Laak
phpBB [video]

PyramidOrbs by Visual Delight
phpBB [video]

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