Awesome Set of Projection Mapping Tutorials

Get out your projector, fire up Arena and Cinema4D, brew a pot of coffee and start your week creatively!

Coming to you courtesy of the amazing Tom Watkins / VJFit from Fit Motion Graphics, Tom covers everything you need to know, nothing you don't. He doesn't waste a second and he knows what's up.

Starting off with some basic video warping in Resolume, he gets some trippy stuff going using only Resolume, which we likey.

Then he brings in Cinema4D to take you into the third dimension.

And he tops it off with an excellent and precise way to model your physical object in Cinema and align your projector/camera settings.

This world is a better place with people like Tom in it.

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New Footage Releases - Original Pixel Gangstaz

As far back as I can remember, I've always wanted to be a pixel gangster.

Crashing hotel rooms and swinging the Goose. Pimping out those RGBs and straight up hustling video adapters. Chasing the pixel perfect dragon.

One day, some of the kids from the neighbourhood carried my mother's LED panels all the way home. You know why? It was outta respect.

This release shows two pixel OGs dropping their stuff like it's hot and introduces one new player to the game.

Make no mistake, the pixel gangster game is played for keeps. You can't come playing those same old clips with those same old effects. Step it up son.

Video2000 is a certified OG of the pixel game. He's got street cred written all over his gold teeth.

ILQC is the new kid on the block, but you can be sure he don't take no D from Donnie.

Unit44 is so OG, they should be called OG-Unit. Dog.

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New Footage Releases - Heads And The City

We love themed releases, so we're extra happy to bring you some city flythrough based packs from Dan Wise and Daniel Knight, plus some high tech HUD goodness from newcomer Laak.

You need this:

You want this:

You play this:

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Projections as Light: Nonotak

NONOTAK is a collaboration between Noemi Schipfer, illustrator and Takami Nakamoto, musician and architect.

We are interested in the relationship between space, light and sound. We try to express it through installations or audiovisual performances.

Over the past 2 years, we essentially worked on installations such as "ISOTOPES V.02" which was shown at Mapping Festival 2013 in Geneva. Each of our installations tries to create dematerialized spaces that can be controlled.

We wanted our visual compositions to go beyond the 2nd dimension, as if we were playing with an architecture made of light. This is also why most of our work is monochrome, we consider projections as light and not videos.

In order to make it possible we are projecting our visuals on different kind of textiles in order to make them look like holograms.

The technique used is projection mapping, obviously. The project Late Speculation is our first step into more improvisational live performance, where audiovisual elements are no longer looped like installations, but rather created in the moment. Each performance could have its own variations, generating different results, with an element of surprise even for the performers themselves.
LS nonotak-2.jpeg
Achieving this with Resolume worked like a charm. Resolume (especially the last one which fixed some speedy midi issues) is a really complete software for this kind of "live" purpose.

Basically we are using Ableton Live for the audio and sending midi to Resolume. The midi sent from Ableton is "written" and the same each time we are playing a song. But with some Max for Live patches and Ableton devices we are able to change midi notes and channels that are sent to Resolume. This is how we simply trigger different decks from a single midi note in order to create controlled variation that we can trigger via midi knobs.

Those "midi triggered" parts are basically After Effects compositions that we load into Resolume. Some parts of the project are made on Quartz Composer, but no panic because Resolume is able to load the patches and even load the sliders created on QC so we can easily map them to midi controllers! This kind of "highly" synced set up needs A LOT of Resolume decks and we were really impressed by the amount the software was able to handle according to our laptop setup.

There is one link that helped us a lot connecting some part of Resolume with Ableton for live purpose : ... me-patches This way I (Takami) am even able to send information to Noemi's Resolume from my Akai mpd32, so visuals can react with the effects I'm playing in Live.

In terms of projection mapping, Resolume does an awesome job by having output transform, warping, multiple layers, screens and slices options included. We are using 2 projectors and sometimes we are projecting the same visual from both of the projectors but they also act separately, one is off while the other one is on and this was easy to achieve within one unique software.
LS nonotak-17.jpeg
Performance setups need to be away from lag and bugs, thats why running only Resolume for the visual content was quite reassuring.
Music to our ears! For more info on Nonotak's latest project Late Speculation:

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Resolume 4.1.7 Released - Resolume Noir

From the files of Resolume, Private Investigator:

"The moment the dame walked in, I knew she meant trouble. I should have never taken the job, but I needed the money. Besides, I'm a sucker for a sweet smile and a twirl of the hips.

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New Footage Releases - Attack of the Plexified Robot Vectors

These three releases are extra special! Not only do we have two new artists who are sharing their skills with you, we also have the highly anticipated second release by best-seller Luminator. Apparently good things come in twos.

Luminator gets on point, plexus style.

Ghosteam drops some logic, robo style.

And STV in Motion takes the center, vector style.

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New Workshop Sessions Coming This November 2013

KBK Visuals at Soenda Festival 2013, Komodo Stage 18-05-2013. Photo by Jessica Dreu.

Big stage envy? Don't get mad, get educated!

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