New Footage Releases: A Little Different

This footage release contains the work by three artists that each have a very unique approach to creating content.

Joris does it with code. His Plexus FFGL plugin comes as a bonus to the loop pack created with it.

Muzencab does it extreme. He explores the limits of visual perception and then goes well beyond them.

And VJ Hummer does it retro. As usual, he's rocking the bold graphical style that he does so well.

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Resolume 4.1.9 Update: Sweating the Small Things

//Edited 27/5 with 4.1.10 update info //

Resolume 4.1.9 is a happier and smarter Resolume. 4.1.10 is even happier.

Thanks to your quick and awesome user feedback, we were able to squash a few important bugs that had snuck their way in to the 4.1.9 release. So here's the 4.1.10 update which fixes the following bugs:

[FIXED] Glitches and crashes with some clean aperture clips
[FIXED] Twitch does not load correctly on PC and OSX 10.6.8
[FIXED] Slice stacking order is reversed
[FIXED] Alpha layer blend mode and Alpha clip transition do not work well together
[FIXED] Flash crash on Mac when removing with X button on the clip panel

Stay calm and download 4.1.10.

For this update we focused on workflow improvements. Check out the video for a quick overview of the eye catchers.

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Spout - Sharing Video between Applications on Windows

Do you like stringing apps together like they are sneakers? Do you like the wonderful Syphon framework, but don’t have a Mac?

Then rejoice. Thanks to the efforts of Lynn and Robert Jarvis, there is now an easy way of doing exactly that.

It's called Spout.

phpBB [video]

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Performance Benchmarks

'What computer do I need to run 12 layers of HD?'

'I need to send 3 videos to 3 outputs, what graphic card do I need?'

We get these questions a lot and there is no easy answer for them. Performance depends on a lot of factors, and any recommendations we make are usually outdated a week later.

So we thought we'd try a different approach: the Resolume Benchmark, patent pending.

Click here to view the results in a handy spreadsheet!

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Creating Projection Mapping Objects out of Paper

Here's how to get started with some crazy projection mapping paper objects in twelve easy steps. Because sometimes it's good to step away from the computer. Get your hands dirty with glue, scissors and paper.

Step 1: Watch this awesome video.

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New FFGLTriangleMX Blend Mode from Oleg Potiy

Suddenly FFGL effects are popping up left and right. From Oleg Potiy comes this wonderful triangle blend mode. Guaranteed to get your visual sets certified by the international hipster community, ready for posting as gifs on Tumblr.

Because we were into triangles before everybody else heard about them.

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