People, Meet Beeple!

To those 'in the know', Beeple has been a source of high quality motion graphics for the past few years. And if you weren't aware of his work, today we're happy to introduce him to you.

Starting in 2007, Mr Mike Winkelmann started making a drawing every day for a year, as he puts it:

to help me get better at different things.
Get better indeed. At the end of each day, he posted these drawings online. As you can expect, not every piece was a masterpiece, but it's amazing to flip through the months and see the changes in style and improvements in techniques.


After that first year, he moved on to the style that made him famous, Cinema 4D, this time focussing on modeling and making a render every day (!). How's that for dedication?

Since then he has moved back and forth between styles, including photography, vector art and of course more C4D.


Of course it was only a matter of time until this hard work would see the light of day as full motion renders as well. A seemingly never-ending source of jaw dropping abstract goodness, all of his work is downloadable via his Vimeo page, often including the C4D source files as well.

Some of his work is now released on the awesome Brainfeeder label, and if you were lucky enough to catch the Flying Lotus/Strangeloop/Timeboy extravaganza 'layer 3', you saw some if his work there as well.

In short, this guy is cool as beans...

In the spirit of sharing is caring, we're giving away a previously unreleased set of Beeple clips. Yup, we're not cutting prices in half, we're completely cutting prices altogether. Free as in birds, everyone can download these clips, even if you intend to use 'em in GrandVJ.

Grab the pack in 480p DXV!

Grab the pack in 720p DXV!

(For those of you who wouldn't recognize a good codec if it hit you in the face, here they are in PhotoJpeg 480p and 720p)

And if that wasn't enough, you can even nab the Cinema 4D source files, and see how the master made the fine art that is this content.

C4D project files

Everyone, meet Beeple. Beeple, meet everyone!

Keep your eye out for more Beeple on our very own footage label in the future!

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NYE Countdown in Resolume using Autopilot

This may be a day late and a buck short, but next time you're in need of a NYE countdown (or just a visual egg timer), look no further than Resolume's autopilot and ten PNG files.

Coming to us courtesy of the kind gentlemen of Blend Visuals, it's just ten PNGs with the numbers 0 through 9, and some very clever use of the autopilot and layer positioning. Yet this had us looking in wonder at our own software for longer than we care to admit.

Well, just over a minute actually.

Download the comp file and accompanying PNG files to try it yourself.

Load the comp, hit reconnect and away you go!

PS Tony and Liam, this would most certainly be the Helvetica Neue of using Resolume. Squire!

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Merry Christmas and a Happy 2013!

George Michael probably had something different in mind when he sang it, but if the Mayans have any say in it, this could very well be our Last Christmas.

Apocalypse or not, we've had an amazing year thanks to you all. You've set projectors and LEDs ablaze worldwide with your content. So we figured it could use a cool down. Download this free FFGL plugin to bring some winter freshness and holiday cheer to your output.

And then shake it like a polaroid picture.

Download Snow Globe plugin for Windows or Mac OS X.

So whether you are rocking ACDC and Europe because it's the end of the world, or Mariah Carey and Wham because it's the end of the year, you can rest assured that Resolume will help you go out in style.

Also be sure to check out our previous christmas gifts: fireworks and snow plugins. You know, in case you're looking for plugins that you can actually use.

Merry christmas and happy new year from Bart, Edwin, Tim, Dani, Menno and Joris!

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Happy New Year - Happy New Workshops in February 2013!

The workshop circus is coming to town again!

Assuming we all survive the impending apocalypse of the Mayans running out of calendar paper, February 2013 we'll be hosting another round of workshops at Resolume HQ. You will be able to raise your Resolume skills up another notch and meet fellow VJs from around the world.

All info and sign up here. Order now, and receive a full refund when the world ends on 21-12-12.


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The Last Footage of 2012: Dubassy, Daniel Knight & Unit44

Dubassy puts you in the mood with some 'Disco-ho-ho-ho', Daniel Knight battles the elements where every snowflake is unique, and Santa will be dropping polygon presents down every chimney of Unit 44's digital city. Can you tell it's almost Christmas?

PeriodicElements VJ Loops by Daniel Knight
If learning the periodic table in school would have been as fun as playing these loops, we would all be chemists today. Infuse some style into your set!

DiscoOrDie VJ Loops by Dubassy
The John Travolta of VJ loops, Dubassy always brings the goodness. Spinning 39 sizzling clips of that everlasting icon of the seventies craze, this will set fire to every cube tiled floor.

Polygonia VJ Loops by Unit44
It's a new morning in Polygonia. Fresh. Vital. We follow the information super highway and leap wire framed buildings in a single bound. We're optimistic as to what becomes of it all.

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Resolume Avenue & Arena 4.1.3 Released - The Feature Addicts

Adding features is a dangerous addiction.

You had that bit of code lying around anyway. Throwing it away would be wasting it. So you slowly stick it in to the master, and before you know it, there is a glorious new feature in your software. You close your eyes and think of how happy everyone will be.

Then you're awakened by a loud noise. You open your eyes, and it turns out that your new code is actually causing bugs in places you did not expect and the forum is on fire! The hangover kicks in and the comedowns get worse every time. You fix the bug, and you repeat after yourself: 'I will not add features half way through, I will not add features halfway through, I will not add….'

My name is Resolume, and I'm a feature addict.

Resolume 4.1.3 is a free update which fixes critical bugs, but also adds some kick ass new plugins (because we're feature addicts) and spreads the Resolume love to China and Turkey.

Download Resolume Avenue & Arena 4.1.3 here.

New Radar Effect
New Dot Screen Effect
[NEW] New effects: Radar, Dot Screen and Solid Color.
[NEW] New transition: Side by Side
[NEW] Chinese and Turkish translations.
[NEW] Copied slice gets placed above its original, not on top of the list

[FIXED] Blackmagic inputs are upside down on the Mac
[FIXED] Play once no worky on audio and AV clips
[FIXED] Instant crash with Flash on OSX and FlashPlayer 11.4.402.265
[FIXED] Flash parameters do not show up
[FIXED] Dashboard invert makes the value jump
[FIXED] Autopilot skips clips when its set to bpm sync and play backwards
[FIXED] BPM sync value mapped to midi in layer transport controls does not round off
[FIXED] Clips jump around when set to SMPTE and a low buffer size.
[FIXED] Avenue 4.1.2 No worky on 10.5
[FIXED] Having drivers for denon devices installed make resolume refuse to start
[FIXED] AV clips can be set to SMPTE mode
[FIXED] Clip defaults: BPM Sync should ignore "continue" setting from the timeline transport
[FIXED] Colour pass ist kaput!
[FIXED] Mask does not show in the interface, but it does in the output after disabling global blend modes
[FIXED] Deadlock when shooting a LOT of midi to 4.1.1 and opening advanced output

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Projection Mapping Workshop at BYOB Utrecht

We're proud to power the projection mapping workshop which the kind folks from DEFRAME are hosting in Utrecht this weekend. Be sure to check out the rest of the event, which is also showing a light painting installation from our very own Tim!

Why would we keep those pixels locked up in our screens, when we can also make them part of our physical reality?

Projecting a digital image on existing architectural objects is a phenomena that's being used increasingly, especially in the field of arts and advertising. This technique is called Projection Mapping, in which we blend virtual reality with our physical one. As such, we create new ways of looking at familiar objects. We can change how we experience flattened imagery, by adding spacial and sculptural qualities of the world around us.
During the afternoon, you'll learn how to create your very own mapping. This workshop is suitable for makers of digital imagery, who would like to approach their own material from a different perspective and present their results at the BYOB-evening.

- Laptop
- Adobe After Effects (trial download)
- VJ software: Resolume Arena (trial download)

If you already have your own videos/animations/photos you would like to use, you can bring those along. It's also possible to use your own objects to map on. Please do pay attention to the shapes/colors; white, rather simple objects work best.

This workshop is tutored by DEFRAME, an Utrecht-based collective. Sign up here.

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