Reactive Visuals Using Only Resolume, Tutorials to Boot

A while back we had a whole thread on making visuals with Resolume. So we already knew it was possible.

But to see a whole music video based on the concept is still taking it to the next level. Coming to you courtesy of Masanori Yamaguchi (aka Reelvision), this wonderful piece of minimal glitch design manages to walk that elusive fine line: reactive without becoming repetitive, visually interesting without becoming cluttered.

phpBB [video]

Perhaps best of all, he's not afraid to share with the rest of the class.

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Resolume Update 4.1.8 & Happy 2014!

Here is the first Resolume release of 2014! Version 4.1.8 fixes a few critical bugs, and the Mac installer is now signed with our Apple Developer ID so it will install without complaining on Mac OS X 10.8 and 10.9. We are still working on a few fixes for 10.9 Mavericks but those require a bit more time and will be released in version 4.1.9.

Hit that download, then read the short releases notes:

[FIXED] Crash when setting autopilot for individual clip and switching to non-empty deck
[FIXED] SMPTE delay causes weird jumps around the 1 (and 2 and 3 and...) minute mark
[FIXED] Arena doesn't remember DMX Preferences
[FIXED] Clip menu does not always work for active clip
[FIXED] Crash on shutdown with windowed output

Happy New Year Everybody!

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The End is Near, Fresh Footage For Your NYE Gig

We are rapidly approaching the end of 2013. The year always ends with the best party; New Years Eve! The NYE gig is always a special one, everybody comes out to party and you get paid trippple, right?

Make that NYE gig a special one and get some fresh footage. We have Luminator dropping a successor with Lumotion 2. Laak gives you the versatile VJSurvivalKit and STV releases the colorful StripeTease.

LuMotion 2 VJ Footage by Luminator

VJSurvivalKit VJ Footage by Laak

StripeTease VJ Footage by STV in Motion

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The Light Cycle - Mobile Projection Mapping

From the wonderful folks at Urban Projections comes this lovely project using Tagtool, Arena and a cargo bike. What's not to love?

The Light Cycle.

The Light Cycle is a bike with personality. Housing a high power, 6000 ansi lumen projector, sound system, ipad and battery pack, it is a fully mobile, street art device. It aims to provide an innovative means for taking digital art into public spaces and out onto the streets.

Light Cycle 3.jpeg
Created by Urban Projections, the Light Cycle has been used to illuminate streets with colourful digital artwork and animation.

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Happy Thanksgiving 2013!

When we first started working on Resolume, VJ’ing was an underground culture. VJs were people who loved to do what they do, who just loved to drag projectors and computers around, show after show, weekend after weekend. If there was any form of payment, it was often just a crate of beer which doubled as a "desk" to put their laptops on.

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Awesome Set of Projection Mapping Tutorials

Get out your projector, fire up Arena and Cinema4D, brew a pot of coffee and start your week creatively!

Coming to you courtesy of the amazing Tom Watkins / VJFit from Fit Motion Graphics, Tom covers everything you need to know, nothing you don't. He doesn't waste a second and he knows what's up.

Starting off with some basic video warping in Resolume, he gets some trippy stuff going using only Resolume, which we likey.

Then he brings in Cinema4D to take you into the third dimension.

And he tops it off with an excellent and precise way to model your physical object in Cinema and align your projector/camera settings.

This world is a better place with people like Tom in it.

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New Footage Releases - Original Pixel Gangstaz

As far back as I can remember, I've always wanted to be a pixel gangster.

Crashing hotel rooms and swinging the Goose. Pimping out those RGBs and straight up hustling video adapters. Chasing the pixel perfect dragon.

One day, some of the kids from the neighbourhood carried my mother's LED panels all the way home. You know why? It was outta respect.

This release shows two pixel OGs dropping their stuff like it's hot and introduces one new player to the game.

Make no mistake, the pixel gangster game is played for keeps. You can't come playing those same old clips with those same old effects. Step it up son.

Video2000 is a certified OG of the pixel game. He's got street cred written all over his gold teeth.

ILQC is the new kid on the block, but you can be sure he don't take no D from Donnie.

Unit44 is so OG, they should be called OG-Unit. Dog.

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