MidiaDub: Hip to be Square in Brazil

MidiaDub is a young production company from Brazil, consisting of two really nice gentlemen who are making some big waves. They sent us a video and a few words about one of their projects, and we liked it a lot. Check out http://www.midiadub.com for more of their visual goodness.

The owner of a club from Minas Gerais - Brazil called us to create a permanent new project for its main dancefloor. So we designed a few and he chose this one. It´s made of 70 squares with 10 cm depth covering a 8x3m grid. All done with plaster/drywall.

All the content was produced in After Effects and Cinema 4d based on the technical drawings we sent to him. The consists of tons of loops playing with the square shapes and regular 8x3 loops as a normal dual head screen with a grid mask on top of it.

We used two xga projectors to cover our "screen" and we built a media server based on Resolume Arena (core i7, 8gb ram, ati 6970). With the advanced output we were able to align our geometry perfectly and then just have fun vjing!

Besides that we made a composition intended to be used with the autopilot feature and gave a workshop for the technical crew of the club on how to control Resolume.

For three months now everything is running stable without any issues. Resolume Arena is rock solid!

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Coming Back From the Dead - Night of the Living HD Mixers

Just when you thought it was safe to drag out your old analog MX50s again...

hdRabbit-web.jpg (40.77 KiB) Viewed 3218 times
A little while back (okay, a big while back), we posted about the current state of affordable HD mixing using the TVOne box. At the time of writing, only one of those projects was in an actual released state. The iMixHD is a great piece of software, not in the least because it's free and open source. But deep inside, the idea of a physical standalone mixer with a T-Bar was still nagging.

Flash forward to a year later, all of a sudden there's not one but two such projects that are both finished and actually in production!

First off, there is of course Toby's Spark d-Fuser. The d-Fuser is an elegant piece of kit, both the functionality as well as the box itself are amazing. It is a clutter free interface that does what it needs to do: mix between two sources. Being fans of intuitive design that doesn't get in the way of your creativity ourselves, we have to tip our hats to Toby on this one. Currently the first run is sold out, and the latest news is that the casings have arrived and look beautiful.

Then, out of the blue, the boys from CarrotVideo come with their own take on the TV-One, the tentatively titled 'HD Rabbit'. Focussing more on giving you access to everything the TV-One has to offer (it actually does a lot more than fade or key between two sources), they've made what Edirol should have done a long time ago: an HD V4.

In their own words:
The HD Rabbit is a HD mixer and controller based on the TV-One 750.

We know what you're thinking now: 'Really? Another TV-One based mixer project? Really?'.

And we feel you on that one. There have been some awesome projects based on that little gadget, some of which turned into very well designed, thought out, and most importantly, very real products. So who are we to come up with yet another one?

Truth be told, we feel that you can do a lot with the TV-One. The AB mixer and keyer are its primary functions, but it has some very powerful scaler and image adjustment functions as well. It's just that its interface is so ridiculously clunky.

So we designed a more user friendly interface. All the useful functions of the TV-One are accessible in a more human way. Having grown up bashing our V4s to bits back in the 90s, all we really wanted was a similar experience, but not limited to crappy PAL resolutions. Let's face it, there was something innately satisfying about spamming those cut buttons, or strobing the output until the light engineer gave you the evil eye.

So we were dragging this piece of kit with us to shows, where it took up valuable space on our already crammed table. It did the job, but it was lacking something. Then it hit us. Why not make it a software controller at the same time? Besides OSC input for the main TV-One functions, we added fully customizable OSC and DMX output from the buttons and rotaries. Basically we made one big box with the flexibility to mix and control our favorite applications.

No more eighties looking hardware effects, instead we're controlling realtime effects in glorious HD at 60fps. No more overtaxed CPUs, instead we're cutting back and forth between two HD sources like it's going out of fashion. What more could you ask for?

We don't know either.

That's why the HD Rabbit is currently being produced in its 0-series run, contact us at http://www.carrotvideo.com for more info.

Especially interesting for Resolume users is the customizable OSC output. As you can see in the video, the HD Rabbit is preconfigured to send BPM info to Resolume already, but all its other knobs and buttons can be assigned OSC commands as well. This could very well be the next step in hardware controllerism.

We've actually been lucky enough to see this gizmo in action, and have pounded those cut buttons to see if it they held up. We were pleasantly surprised so rest assured that we'll be following this one with great interest.

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Presenting at ADE and Workshop at Shiny Toys

It's going to be a busy week this week.

We're presenting at the Beamlab ADE special in Amsterdam, alongside our new friends Addictive TV and old friends Eyesupply. Other speakers include the kids from Nobody Beats the Drum and Vita Notus (ISAM anyone?) http://www.amsterdam-dance-event.nl/pro ... ve-tv/975/

Then its off to Moers, Germany for Shiny Toys Space festival. Besides lots of visual goodness and good people, our very own Bonne will be hosting a Resolume workshop. Come out, say hi and enjoy the good vibes: http://shinytoys.eu/space

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Radar VJ Loops by Unit44 & Machina VJ Loops by Video2000

This months' footage releases prove that it's not just about tulips, windmills and marijuana here in Holland. Both these footage releases are made by Dutch artists. (but who knows what they've been smokin' while making this footage ;-)

Radar VJ Loops by Unit44
We get signal, main screen turn on. Keep your eyes on the sky, and watch out for bogeys on your six.

Machina VJ Loops by Video2000
Machina is the visual equivalent of the low frequency rumble, the high pitched hiss, the hypnotic throbbing of relentless machine hydraulics. Also available in widescreen 2400x600 resolution!

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Free Update: Resolume 4.1.2 The Empire Strikes Bug

DarthoLume.jpg (84.16 KiB) Viewed 6402 times
Like any Jedi knows, the dark side is always tempting us. Our intentions are noble and we have nothing but good in mind, yet we stray from the path. But the dark side isn't stronger. It's quicker, easier, more seductive. But not stronger...

This update shows again that at the end of the trilogy, the light side always triumphs. We caught a lot of bugs, and we blew up the Death Star. We defeated Darth Midi Lag and toppled the evil Emperor Syphon Crash. We even freed Han Solo from the clutches of Jabba the VST Plugin Not Showing Up.

We're still not okay with kissing our sister though.

Free download here and check the release notes below. May the force be with you. Always.

[NEW] Modify default clip behaviour in the preferences

[FIXED] Syphon crashes Avenue on OS X 10.5
[FIXED] Crash: Right-click the clip playhead on the layer when no clip is playing
[FIXED] Crash: Set negative mask width or height in Advanced output
[FIXED] Possible crash when removing layers
[FIXED] MIDI starts lagging over time with composition midi map
[FIXED] Layer opacity composition MIDI shortcut can not be removed
[FIXED] Composition MIDI shortcuts get duplicated on startup
[FIXED] Timecode sometimes only plays clip in one layer
[FIXED] SMPTE framerate setting not remembered
[FIXED] Arrow keys change blend modes after you select a layer or select something from a dropdown
[FIXED] When adding a layer with shortcut CTRL+L while midi mapping, 2 layers are created
[FIXED] Dashboard linked parameter is not movable anymore by mouse/MIDI/OSC
[FIXED] MIDI output not always working for layer focused shortcuts
[FIXED] Dropping a VST effect before another effect doesn't list the effect
[FIXED] Order of VST effects changes randomly after saving and reopening
[FIXED] Crash: Relocate AV files then reset the in/out point by right clicking
[FIXED] Crash when pressing relocate in the layer window, while the clip has been ejected
[FIXED] Memory leak with Relocate window
[FIXED] Crash when sending a LOT of MIDI and then opening advanced output
[FIXED] Update FFGL and VST plugin folder locations after update
[FIXED] Possible crash on startup with OS X Capture devices
[FIXED] VDIG capture devices are throwing errors that crash resolume
[FIXED] Crash when loading composition with a mask that points to an unexisting file
[FIXED] Middle C now actually like, correct and stuff
[FIXED] Crash when sending layer to slice and using active layer triggering
[FIXED] Alpha not always showing correctly when using advanced output
[FIXED] Retriggering a clip via DMX is not possible
[FIXED] Relocate window does not appear when loading a deck from a different composition
[FIXED] Multi-clip deselect not always working
[FIXED] When a copy of a slice is made the original will stay selected

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New Resolume Promo Video - Starring You?

Probably the most rewarding part of making VJ software is seeing someone do something amazing with your tool. We get a lot of mail and Facebook messages from people showcasing their work. We try to highlight and share this with you via the blog or social media, but quite often we feel it deserves more.

So we figured we'd give it more.

A while back we posted this video, which is basically a rip-off of EyeSupply's Godskitchen promo with some Resolume shots thrown in. Still we think it looks kinda cool.

The idea is that every few months, we make a new video, but this time showcasing the Resolume community, i.e. *your* work! If you have footage of your amazing summer festival gig, or your insane mapping project, send it to us. We'll edit the submissions into a regular video, and promote it via our network. This means that a *lot* of people will get to see your work. Of course you get full credit, so it's a great way to get some exposure. Boast to your friends, potential clients, your parents and your grandma's dog.

Be clear in who you are. Let us know how you would like to be credited, and which info you want public and which info you want to keep to yourself.
Use a tripod. Those lovely wide stage shots of your gigantic LED wall deserve some time to be admired.
Use a decent camera. It would be a shame if we can't use your latest mapping extravaganza if we can't make out the pixels from the potatoes.
Show the context. Your monitor output is impressive, seeing it behind the DJ in front of a thousand people is overwhelming.
We love to see an interface screen here and there. Nothing says 'done with Resolume' than seeing somebody actually do it with Resolume.
Leave the editing, titling and fancy effects up to us. The more raw material we have to work with, the more impressive we can make the whole.

Tech specs:
Minimum 1280x720 resolution. It's easiest to send your material in Quicktime .movs with h264 compression. We'll handle all the conversion to an editing codec. If you really don't know how to do this, just send it anyway and we'll get back to you. Too big to send via mail? WeTransfer.com allows up to 2GB.

Small print:
By submitting your work to us, you agree to the following:
- Resolume can use the raw material and the finished edit of it for all promotional purposes. You will of course always be credited when your material is used.
- You are in fact the creator of both the subject matter and the material itself. You also have permission from any associated parties to publicly display this material. In other words, nobody is going to come and throw bricks at our windows or subpoenas at our mailbox.

Why are you still reading this? Get your cameras out and start filming!

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The Ultimate Resolume/Ableton AV Setup, Including How-To

Everyone loves presents, and BirdMask by ASZYK/Neal Coghlan is a gift that keeps on giving. First watch the video below. Do it now.

From Neal's description:

It's taken a while but finally, here is the first upload of BIRDMASK Visuals. I first started work on these way back at the end of 2010. Like my Tasty Visuals, they started out with some miscellaneous illustration. The elements came together quite nicely and I started to form compositions out of them which became geometric, tribal bird faces. Like with most of my illustrations, I couldn't resist bringing it alive by animating it.

In their earliest form there was a lot less clips and they weren't in HD. A lot of elements didn't fit together well either so mixing between faces wasn't as smooth. In it's current form, the set is made up of 6 different faces, each one with 8 layers and 4 different clips per layer - making a total of 192 clips. These are all loaded into Resolume and triggered using Ableton and an iPad.This video was made by recording a Resolume composition - all the clips being triggered live. This piece wasn't composited using FCP or Premiere! (or After Effects for that matter), it was all done live.

BIRDMASK visuals made their debut in Geneva at Mapping Festival in May 2011 (mappingfestival.ch/2011/types/?artist=1285&lang=en) and since then have been played in clubs across London. The biggest showing was during Channel 4's House Party (channel4.com/programmes/house-party/articles/aszyk) where we performed alongside RnB legends 'Soul II Soul', who played an amazing set, mixing Reggae, House, RnB and Garage.

The set is still evolving and work has begun on a 3D version. I'm hoping to port them into UNITY 3D where I can make them even more reactive...

The track is called 'Elephant & Castle' by ASZYK - soundcloud.com/aszyk/elephant-castle-v1
After enjoying the lovely abstract animation, tight beat sync, lush colours and subtle perspective work, you find there's more. Not one to keep his secrets hidden, Neal shares a how to video of how this set of AV magic is put together. Revealing tricks of the trade, there is magic in this breakdown baby.

Check out more of Neal's work, and then head back to your own studio, and hang your head in shame for not being as good as this guy. I want to have his babies.

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