Resolume 4.1.4 Released - For The 0.0000001%

There are currently over 7 billion people on this planet. 99.99999% of those have never heard of Resolume VJ Software. Most likely they never will.

Still we're plodding away for you, the 0.00001%. Because you matter to us. When we look up to the sky at night, we're not humbled by seeing the context of how small everything actually is. Instead we're thinking of new ways to improve your workflow or how to squash that one annoying bug.

When the sun burns out, we'll be there illuminating the darkness with bright pixels flying past at 60fps. With your help, we'll light up this world with massive glowing screens.

Resolume 4.1.4 adds new features and stomps on critical bugs. Free download
on the site, full release notes below.

Also we updated The Manual to a new format. It's now easier to find things online, and more importantly it's also available in Spanish, Chinese and Japanese. High fives to Carlos, Antonio and Haruka-san!

And of course huge thanks to all of you, from the bottom of the hearts of the whole Resolume team!

PS. 87% of all statistics are made up on the spot. 73% of all people know that.

[NEW] Trigger multiple clips with Enter
[NEW] Master and parameter BPM divide and multiply by two
[NEW] Show more fractional values on parameter when the value is selected
[NEW] Calculate number of beats based on length of clip and default BPM of 120
[NEW] Removed beats counter on toolbar because it had absolutely no purpose whatsoever
[NEW] Crop effect improvements, parameters have bigger range
[NEW] Mirror effect improvements, takes input left or right, top to bottom
[NEW] Norwegian (Norsk Bokmål) interface & help localisation

[FIXED] Flash broken on Windows 8
[FIXED] Multiple clip selection /deselection
[FIXED] Autopilot gets out of sync after a while
[FIXED] Autopilot gets confused after scrubbing playhead
[FIXED] BPM Sync should ignore "continue" setting from the timeline transport
[FIXED] When switching from SMPTE to Timeline the clip does not play
[FIXED] Clip effects get duplicated when quickly loading decks from browser
[FIXED] Syphon composition output no worky when advanced output is active
[FIXED] Crash when triggering a lot of clips quickly via midi and long transition time
[FIXED] Dashboard Dials no worky with effects presets
[FIXED] Crash when ejecting flash clip in other deck
[FIXED] Slice wrap does not show correct pixels
[FIXED] Transition loads previous clip when set to play once and eject
[FIXED] Recorder complains that Quicktime is not installed when it actually is
[FIXED] 1 frame records
[FIXED] Re-triggering a paused clip jumps forward a few frames when clip start offset != 0
[FIXED] ProRes memory leak
[FIXED] h264 thread leak
[FIXED] Window background is white on startup, should be black
[FIXED] Keyboard shortcut with range outside of param's start & stop will not toggle
[FIXED] Can't drop a source on an empty clip panel
[FIXED] Enabling midi out for APC40 dial in relative React mode causes jitter
[FIXED] Strobe effect: frequency 0 should mean strobe off, add fade
[FIXED] Remove black line in mirror and slide plugins
[FIXED] Stop motion effect glitches in superwide composition
[FIXED] Colour pass renders white in some computers
[FIXED] StingySphere quadratic leak
[FIXED] Audio part on clip panel becomes blue when you hide the audio controls
[FIXED] Update Spanish localisation

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Cooking With Resolume, New Workshops Coming in May

Calling all visual chefs!

Live visuals are a lot like 3 Michelin star cooking.

It's one thing to prepare a decent meal every night. It's another to serve up fresh recipes and new taste sensations to 1000s of patrons every night.

Even if you grasp the idea of turning on an oven or sautéing your onions, there's still a lot to be learned from the 3 star chefs at Resolume HQ. After all, they made the whole darn kitchen.

So come join us for another workshop session at the visual kitchen at Resolume HQ. We'll be serving starter VJ courses, projection mapping main dishes and sweet live performance desserts.

We also serve lunch.

27th to 31st May 2013 at Res HQ.

More info and sign up at


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New Resolume MIDI Controller with Video Buttons and Monitor


Which is the best Midi controller for Resolume? If we had a penny for every time we are asked that question, we would be sipping caipirinhas developing Resolume on a sunny beach island resort.

But now we can finally answer it. This one!

This is a prototype of the upcoming custom Resolume controller that we have developed together with Akai.

It’s got full support for the Midi protocol, but the truly great thing is that it also has video feedback. The buttons are custom OLED buttons, that receive video data via OSC. So you can actually see what’s playing, and see a preview of your clips, with the active clip in full motion. Thumbnails are even updated in realtime when effects are applied.

ResController_01.jpg (59.95 KiB) Viewed 13166 times
All this OSC is actually controlled by the processor of an AR.Drone helicopter. After Bart ’accidentally’ broke ours (by landing it upside down from a first story building), we found out its internal motherboard actually runs Linux. We took this out and put it in the Midi controller with our own custom Linux distribution on it. This allows the controller to receive pixel data wirelessly with little to no delay.
ResController_02.jpg (55.21 KiB) Viewed 13166 times
We truly believe that this is the future of controllerism!

//EDIT April 2nd//
So to prevent people from sending emails asking about this controller two years from now, here's a little making of shot. Check out that duct tape action.
So yes, it was a hoax. Hope you all had a good laugh about it, and see you next year ;)

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KanZeOn AV Remix by Amoeba

KanZeOn is a rarely seen view of Japanese culture revealed through ancient rituals and extraordinary musical spectacle. KanZeOn is less a documentary and more a spiritual experience. It's structured as a series of chapters or incantations, and revolves mainly around three fascinating figures and musicians - a young Buddhist priest who takes care of a temple near Kumamoto City and spends his spare time as a hip-hop DJ, a woman who has spent her life mastering an ancient Chinese bamboo wind instrument called a sho, and a Noh theatre and kotsuzumi drummer who also happens to be a huge fan of jazz.

amoeba was asked by the films directors Tim Grabham and Neil Cantwell to re-interpret this acclaimed piece of work.

Given complete access to the film footage and audio field recordings, amoeba set about re-structuring the films audio and visual narrative through a series of re-graded, re-composited montages, ritualistic loops and hypnogogic visual edits.

amoeba has been featured on our blog before. Refresh your memory here.

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New Footage Releases - Boss Fight Incoming

Resolume Visuals is committed to releasing high quality content. This month we've got no less than three new artists, each with a pack that raises the bar for quality and visual production. You worked your way through the first level, now it's time to defeat the Boss.

First off is Matthias Müller who you may know from the amazing Entering the Stronghold video from a while back. Check out as he blasts new life into the tunnel genre.

FantasticVoyage by Matthias Müller

Then we've got Strangeloop, whose work you may have seen on Flying Lotus recent "Layer 3" tour. We've got nothing but love for the man himself and the content he makes.

HyperFields by Strangeloop

Last but certainly not least is Luminator, a master of kinetic animation and composition. We could look at this for hours.

Lumotion by Luminator

Game on, y'all.

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"Create Visuals with Resolume" And The Winner is:

We knew Resolume could be used for creating content. We filled a few hours in the early morning just playing around with lines and solids ourselves.

But we had no idea about how far it could be taken. You took us on trips to strange and awesome places of geometric meditation. Others went to dark and scary lands of broken glitch and thunderstorms. Some of you actually brought back postcards of landscapes filled with wonderful creatures.

It was amazing. Best of all, because the .avc file had to be shared, it was a great learning experience as well. If you want to know how a particular look was achieved, you can just download the comp and see for yourself.

Next time somebody says Resolume does not have enough effects, we can just point him or her to this thread.

But of course you all want to know who won, so here are the winners:

First place:
"Comp Entry" 1 by Liam_Blend

We would play this on any screen, at any party, at any time. It's got everything a clip needs: detail, color, contrast, depth, rhythm and lots of black. We wonder if it makes coffee too.

Second place:
"Sad cosmic" owl by VJ Biolume

Because sad cosmic owl is sad. And cosmic.

Of course there was so much good material to pick from, so here are the honorable mentions:

"2colortech" by dirtyjohnlv

This was our favourite for a big part of the competition. Bold, energetic and full of contrast.

"Cosmic interference" by digital:snot

The first one that made us open the composition and check how it was done. Always a good sign.

"AKIBA NE-ON" by nkgw-a

It's interesting that glitch was considered cutting edge and avantgarde not too long ago, but now it's almost old-school. We like old-school.

"TEST 04" by VJ Granda

VJ ammo that will kill on any screen. Boom! Headshot!

"Mhlzhn21" by mahlzahn

Mahlzahn deserves an honorable mention if only for the fact that about half of the entries in the comp are his.

"Generative visuals" by aleksey notkin

This one made us doubt if it was actually made in Resolume. Even after the comp was uploaded we're still not exactly sure how some of it is done.

"8-bit avatar generator" by cosmowe

If you're over 30, you have a soft spot for anything 8 bit.

"Resolume contest" by Rebeloverlay

Spencer is disqualified because he already is the best selling artist on our label and he gets his arena serials for free anyway.

"Silent Light, Wholly Light" by J Benj

Bart swears that this video is filled with big morphing Darth Vader faces. We don't see it.

"Contest2" by SHQ

We had a few landscape entries, but the paper boat made this one complete.

Congrats to the winners, and a huge "thank you" to everyone who participated. You're amazing people, that's what you are.

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Stylus, Putting Style Back in Projection Mapping

Urban Projections are run by multimedia artist & facilitator Bec Smith. As well as facilitating commercial clients and projects, they also spend a large chunk of their time developing creative projects which encourage participation in the arts and promote social change. For a number of years Bec has been working alongside talented graffiti and modern mural painter Peter Barber of Urban Canvas (no ‘urban’ relation intended), developing interesting methods for combining their art-forms.

“Initially this began with incorporating elements of Pete’s drawn work into Resolume, via pre-produced content from After Effects, which were then triggered live. This was great, especially for more complex projection mapped pieces, such as Bloom, but missed the point of why we love to collaborate - we both get a buzz from not knowing how a piece will turn out, from creating something live which lets us both bounce of each other, right there and then in a moment”.

They had been making digital murals with the early, DIY versions of Tagtool and Node kit, dragging it out onto the streets and surprising local folk with dancing characters and shapes on the side of buildings. “It was a little cumbersome though, especially with the amount of hardware needed to run it. In early Autumn of 2012, we heard that Omai were developing an ipad version of the drawing system, so contacted Maki from Tagtool, who was only too happy to supply us with a pre-release Beta version of the app. Amazingly, it lets multiple ipads connect wirelessly and all collaborate into one drawing session. We quickly realised that combined with Airserver and Resolume’s syphon compatibility, we could now pipe Tagtool into Arena, allowing us to mask, crop, map and add pre-produced content with real precision....and all in a really compact package”.

That was the start of a beautiful thing. Without further ado, they set to work combining physically painted artwork with projection and digital drawing, breathing life and movement into still image.

“We tend to approach this technique by having a really simplified guide which Pete uses as his template to paint from, onto the wall. We flash up a basic line drawing and Pete takes it from there. I can then build a multitude of mapped masks and footage with the transparency preserved, to stack image elements on top of each other. I really love the versatility of resolume and tend to use the plug-ins and generators as much as possible to achieve the look, rather than pre-producing footage. This gives us more freedom for collaborating during the performance.

The first in the series of the ‘Stylus’ videos shows the early stages of their adventure with this technique.

“We are so excited by the possibilities that are being presented through the combination of traditional painting techniques with AV manipulation. We are flat out at the moment experimenting with new ideas and working towards some really exciting projects including loads more street artwork with mobile projection bikes, and an event at the Saatchi Gallery, London ”.

For more information, check out &

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