New Footage by Ablaze Visuals, VJ Galaxy and Albertus Luki

Just in time for your show this weekend!

Transvolt is a gorgeous piece of motion design, which uses the full power of DXV HQ and alpha channels.
Get Transvolt by Ablaze Visuals

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I don't care what style of music you play, it always needs more mech.
Get Mech by VJ Galaxy
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And Albertus Luki is just bringing out banger after banger.
Get BluredLines by Albertus Luki
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New Footage: Laak, Unit44 and Nexus6

This is such an all-star line-up. Like going to a festival with Hardwell, Armin and Garrix. Or AC/DC, Iron Maiden and Slayer. Or Dr Dre, Eazy E and Snoop. Or Taylor Swift, Adele and... Well, you get my point.

Come on, enjoy the show. After all, you always have front row seats to your own set.

Unit 44 opens the show with the follow up to his hit series Enter.
Get Enter by Unit44

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Next up is crowd favorite Laak, playing the amazing new fifth VJ Survival Kit album.
Get VJ Survival Kit 5 by Laak
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And closing the show is Nexus 6, dropping another crowd pleaser with AbrilBeats.
Get AbrilBeats by Nexus 6.
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Resolume Avenue & Arena 6.0.7 update: Easter Bunny

With this Resolume release the Easter Bunny hops to version 6.0.7. Fixes a couple of bugs, makes some performance improvements and eats his chocolate eggs. Download!

8877 OSC, /composition/direction sends -1 for each direction
10163 MM: unable to relocate files when path is the same, cross platform
10408 Fix of #9842 results in Envelope Graphs being bugged with Shaper Effects
10529 Selected Clip on Selected doesn't give a midi feedback
10695 DMX Input is disabled until you open Preferences unless you have a DMX Output enabled in ASS
10720 Deadlock using Text Block
10843 Sometimes frame prediction breaks on start of clip
10882 Composition 16 bit color depth not applied on Resolume start composition auto load.
10886 Global Playback Controls have Piano options; but doesn't have the expected effect.
10895 Colorize and Tint effects don't use input color's alpha value
10907 Composition Master's parameter ranges not set to default when creating new composition
10915 Fix output shortcut manager eating entire core although no output shortcuts are enabled
10920 Clip in group with unpinned direction does not have composition's pinned direction applied on launch
10921 Group direction gets pinned to composition's pinned direction on composition open if group direction is not pinned.
10927 Stingy sphere's near side is transparent so you see through to the far side
10930 Playing with Transport controls (on BPM Sync) on clip level creates a feeze
10940 AutoMask, add Channel option to determine which channel defines the mask
10960 "DNA upload test" is part of the generators in 6.0.6 public release
10969 Fix layer's connectSpecificClip param being serialized
10971 Fresh installation of 6.0.6 on windows 7 is broken
10975 ConnectSpecificClip does not send upstate for clip triggers
10978 Group dashboard assignment is broken
10982 Cannot add audio track when dropping audio file on video clip panel
10995 OSC "All" shorcuts send * as index instead of a number
11001 Fix 0% opacity layers still being rendered
11034 FPS doesn't recover when you have ran out of vram (possibly)

...and of course an assortment of egg shaped crashes have been boiled, painted and oooh-ed at.

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Resolume Avenue & Arena 6.0.6 update: "If I ever see you again..."

Minor point updates are like those songs that get stuck in your head.

In time, another song will come along and you'll wonder why you liked this one so much. But right now, it's the best thing in the world. You're blasting that baby on repeat, singing along at the top of your lungs, moshing out in the bedroom. While your significant other looks on in equal parts amusement and embarrassment.

Fire up your guilty pleasures on Spotify while you hit that download.


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Resolume Subpixel T-Shirts

Finally, some new Resolume apparel is available. Our friends at Rectangle were inspired by subpixel arrangements in displays and come up with this nice design. We hope you like it too.

The price is 29 Euro, worldwide shipping included. Order in the Resolume Shop.

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Resolume Avenue & Arena 6.0.5 update: Stick to the Plan!

When making software, it's very easy to get carried away. Before you know it, you're adding new things, without having made sure that the current feature set is working as best it can. So, we've been using "No New Features!" as our mantra since the release of 6. Stick to the plan.

Of course, we couldn't resist doing what we love: making new features. So we just decided that not being able to set the duration for multiple stills is actually a bug. So we could sneak in a new feature that "fixes" it! Because that's how we do.
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Return of the Footage Label!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...

The popularity of Resolume 6 took us by storm, so we've been all hands on deck since it was released. It's been an overwhelming and rewarding couple of months, but now things have quieted down enough to resume normal operations. This means Resolume Footage will start releasing again.

And what better way to start than with some fresh faces. We're very proud to welcome Kongfoo Motion and Albertus Luki, both from Indonesia. They join our roster of footage producers, whom you'll see much more of in the coming months. The label is back, baby.

Kongfoo Motion captures that Jack Kirby classic comic feel with AnimaMix. Grab it now.

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Albertus Luki goes bold with black and white banger FlicKit: Grab it here!
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And Visual Delight is back after a long break with PlasticFantastic. Grab it here!
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