New Footage Releases: Two new faces!

We're stoked to welcome two new amazing content creators to the label.

First up is Julius Horsthuis, who drops some amazing fractal work. Take it from a person who thinks most fractals are as boring as broccoli, this is something special.

phpBB [video]

Get Cathedral from Resolume Footage

Then we welcome Rohan Gopalan, whose first release is the chronicle of ParticleMan.
phpBB [video]

Get ParticleMan from Resolume Footage

And closing the ranks is Muzencab, who is up to his usual retina breaking routine.
phpBB [video]

Get Primitve from Resolume Footage

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Cosmic Connection with Total Unicorn

“On a breezeless day, in total darkness, on the underside of the planet, somewhere in Austin, The Protocorn pulled a laptop from a rock and called itself Single Unicorn. Drawn to the roiling lumps of the sound waves, other corns appeared: an impossible trio. The Unicorn became Total.“

What do you get when you put a composer, visual artist and choreographer together? Cool content.
Thrown in a unicorn.. and things get cosmic.
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Examining the Executioner: Excision

Excision. The man who has taken over the interwebz along with his mean machine: The Paradox.

For those living under a rock, Excision dropped some gigantic virtual bombs with his latest live experience “The Paradox”, on tour since Jan 2017. Forget at an actual gig, even if you’re at home looking at some videos on your phone, it is guaranteed to make your jaw drop. The rig looks deceptively simple. In reality, far, far from it. Deliciously seamless LED, a mobile DJ fascia, brilliant lighting, and slamming special effects- The Paradox is truly one of a kind. And we must say, has Excision written all over it.

All The Paradox shows are run by visual moguls Beama. We caught up with Brady Villadsen and Butz to understand what goes down in creating & running this monster, day after day.
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Resolume Footage: Fresh Blood, Fresh Life

Hello my beautiful creaturesss of ze night. This veek ve have a vonderful selection of new visuals for you. These visuals are fresh, like a pulsing vein, teeming with ze promise of eternal bliss. So good you could almost taste it, yes? So drink up, and join me in eternity forever.

Welcome to Dumb Robot, who sets the bar high with a great theme and a lovely pastel color scheme on MachineHead.

phpBB [video]

Get MachineHead by DumbRobot from Resolume Footage

And another welcome to VisualLab, who drop the Mother Of Abstract Bombs: TwoPointZero.
phpBB [video]

Get TwoPointZero by VisualLab from Resolume Footage

And to close it off, we have VJ Galaxy, the zookeeper on a low poly diet.
phpBB [video]

Get LoPolyZoo by VJ Galaxy from Resolume Footage

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Where Wolves Roam

Wolves are slightly eccentric, mega talented visual artists who are making their presence felt across the globe. With fabulous skills to boast of, Joshua Dmello & Jash Reen have been fast racing to the front of the (visual) pack.

They’ve worked with all sizes of setups- from tiny to large to omgsomassive and have delivered to the hilt, over & over again. Be it with projection, or LED.

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New Footage Releases: Program patterns

Greetings programs! Hop on your lightcycles and enter the grid because this time we've got three absolute bangers for you.

WTFlow gives a new spin on a familiar theme. The slight offset on the color animation gives this pack a deliciously organic feel.

phpBB [video]

Get Metalive from Resolume Footage

Unit44 is back with the sequel to Pattern.
phpBB [video]

Get Pattern 2 from Resolume Footage

And Ostwerker gets in on that Tron action.
phpBB [video]

Get Trontastik from Resolume Footage

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Visual Pixation with Rick Jacobs

Our quest for excellence in the visual space has now brought us to Rick Jacobs of RJB visuals.

Touring currently with Nicky Romero, and the man behind the operation and visual design of his entire show, the stuff that Rick does is epic of massive proportions.
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