Resolume 6.1.3: The Enchanted Princess

The 6.1.3 update has enchantment galore. We worked on stability and ease of use, but above all, we used our magic powers to make Resolume more beautiful, more elegant and more enchanting. She now feels like the princess she deserves to be, and we're sure you will too.

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Cinderella Decklink

Blackmagic devices are the princesses of video. So much so, that after dancing at the ball for more than 24 hours, the output would freeze and need to be reset. We now make sure that Cinderella doesn't turn into a pumpkin and is home in time to do her chores.

Out of the Dark (Into the Light)

Alley would start up with a completely black interface on laptops with both an integrated and dedicated GPU, unless you explicitly told it to use the dedicated GPU. Not a showstopper, but definitely annoying, so we now set the GPU for you.

Radial and Linear Cloner effects

These were two very popular plugins by Hive8 back in the Resolume 5 days and a lot of you were requesting 64 bit updates for Resolume 6. So we took their basic premise, very literally added our own twist and made them native Resolume effects. Thanks very much to Anton Hive8 for letting us use his idea and to STV in Motion for the moral support and preset making.


Just like the manual, the Resolume GUI and Help are now also available in Japanese. すごい!

Now go fit your glass slipper on that download or check the full fix list below.

10508 Possible crash crash resizing GUI
11066 Load capture sources with a sensible resolution
11334 Launching selected clips with Enter works only once
11970 Alley UI is black on some laptops
12021 WMV files rendered semi transparent in Alley
12054 Text animator Rotation is displayed as radians
12059 NDI output is black when composition is bypassed
12068 Crash when opening Avermedia cn311-h capture source
12083 Update to NDI 3.8
12109 28.77 FPS DXV2 file shows and plays as 6000FPS
12111 Avi with RAW UYVY codec plays in Alley with a wrong duration
12127 Text animator doesn't show whitespace at start of a line
12139 Fit/Fill/Stretch is not part of preset in Alley
12147 Shift RGB no worky when animated in Zoom mode
12153 Alley crashes when Startup Screen is visible and nudge shortcuts are used
12168 Radial and Linear Cloner effects
12186 Crash selecting audio input device, when the previous device had more channels
12251 Japanese GUI & Help Translation
12331 Transform Position Y Start Stop range doesn't follow composition size
12374 Decklink outputs freeze after 24 hours
12376 Crash in Advanced Screen setup doing undo-redo

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Resolume Avenue & Arena 6.0.1 Update

After just releasing 6.0.0, there's 6.0.1 already? Yes, here it is! Although we haven't found any huge showstoppers in 6.0.0, there's always improvements to be made. So we keep this truck on rolling.

We like JAY-Z. We gotta keep it movin'....

On to the next one
On to the next one
On to the next one
On to the next one

Download 6.0.1

phpBB [video]

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Resolume Avenue & Arena 6.0.0 Released!

After almost 2 months of beta, here is the final Resolume Avenue & Arena 6.0.0. Download is now open to everybody. Come and get it.

Thank you all for your feedback! Thanks to you we have been able to find and fix a lot of bugs and we think this version is ready for prime time.

This version can now open compositions from Avenue 4 and Arena 5. Simply select Composition > Open... from the Menu. Browse to ~/(My)Documents/Resolume Arena 5/compositions/ or ~/(My)Documents/Resolume Avenue 4/compositions/ and select the composition you would like to open. Double check if everything is working correctly. 99% of all your old composition settings should work just fine in version 6 but some things are not transferrable.

Please continue to send us your feedback. Because v6 can update itself we plan to release minor updates much more often. We have already started on 6.0.1...

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Download Resolume Avenue & Arena 6 Beta 3

We're soldiering on towards the final 6.0.0 release, here is Beta 3. Again, many crashes have been fixed, bugs squashed, pencils sharpened. Perhaps it's time for you to try this version on a gig?

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 13.18.43.png
Please log in to your account and download Beta 3. Let us know on the forum how it goes!

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Resolume Avenue & Arena 6 Beta 2 Available Now

It's less then two weeks since we released Resolume 6 Beta 1 and here is Beta 2! In this version we fixed a lot of crashes and made many improvements. Please log in to your account and download this second Beta. Let us know on the forum how it goes!

Thank You!
When we released Resolume 6 two weeks ago, we must admit, we were quite nervous. But we were overwhelmed by all the positive response from so many of you! It's so nice to see your enthusiasm for something we have worked so hard on for so long. Brenton March sums it all up with his top comment on Facebook: "YOU DID IT! you fixed EVERYTHING! the media manager alone makes me smile so hard, but all the other stuff, the custom UI, the new grouping system, wow. and 64 BIT!"

And we love how sometimes the little things matter the most. Cosmowe says on the forum: "OK...I'm done!.....the scrollbar is Midi mappable!!!!! :-)" And Nils Voges comments on Facebook: "wooohooo 'next-button'! major improvements! thank you!"

Ryan Whitmer expressed his joy with this gif:
tenor.gif (1.09 MiB) Viewed 5733 times
Thank you all for making us smile and glow with pride :-)

Quartz Composer Removed
It wasn't all fun and giggles last week, unfortunately we had to make the difficult decision to remove Quartz Composer playback from Resolume 6. Quartz Composer was causing a lot of bugs and crashes that are impossible for us to fix because it's really not made to be used in a multi-threaded rendering application. Apple has abandoned Quartz Composer for years already so these problems are not going to be fixed. Of course Quartz Composer playback is still in trusty old Avenue 4 and Arena 5 and it will always stay there.

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Resolume Avenue & Arena 6 Beta Available Now!

Ooh boy are we ever excited to finally show what we have been working on for years now: Resolume Avenue and Arena version 6. This is by far the biggest release we have ever done. It has a completely rewritten video rendering engine that is an order of magnitude faster than the previous so you can play more layers, higher resolution video and thus bigger stages.

phpBB [video]

Checkout the video to see the highlights of version 6 and checkout the What's New page for more details.

Because there is so much new it still has a few rough edges but we could not wait any longer we wanted to share this beta with you now. We need your help in the coming months to find the last few bugs and give us feedback. Together we'll tame this beast and have it ready for main stage as soon as possible. It's available for all Resolume customers so please log in to your account and hit the download.

Buy Now! (limited time offer)
Buy Resolume now because only now you get both Arena 5 AND Arena 6 for the price of one. Or Avenue 4 AND Avenue 6 for the price of one. This offer applies while Resolume 6 is in beta, so don't wait too long. Did you buy Avenue or Arena in the past couple of weeks? Contact us and we'll work something out.

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