DXV 3 Upgrade Guide

So, a few weeks ago we publicly released a new version of DXV, imaginatively called DXV3.0. It's a big improvement, and people love it. To make sure you get the best out of the codec, here's an upgrade guide.

First of all, DXV3 encoded movies will only work in Resolume 4.2 and above. In previous versions, Resolume will think they are very big and slow Quicktime files, and you will not have a good time. If you want to use DXV3, you're committed to Res 4.2.

DXV3.0 has 3 benefits: it's faster at high resolutions, files are generally smaller and it has a high quality option.

In general, we don't recommend re-encoding your entire library. Your old DXV2 files will play fine in Resolume 4.2, and you still get all the benefits of improved smoothness and bug fixes.

So there is no need to re-encode your entire DXV2 library. Especially do not re-encode your DXV2 files to DXV3 High Quality. Because you are rendering from a DXV2 source, any image artifacts are already rendered into the file. Your image quality is not improved at all, the only thing you get is bigger files that look exactly the same. And that's probably not what you want.

There are only three scenarios where we would advise re-encoding.

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