Gorgeous AV Production by Bob White

Occasionally, a certain project will catch your eye. When you start watching and listening, you find yourself drifting away for a few minutes. The acoustic and the optic will blend together to one beautiful harmony.

Such a project is Intermittently Intertwined by Bob White. Take a moment out of your day, and watch this in HD with some good speakers.

We were even more amazed when we found out that the video above is actually created in realtime. It's not often someone is equally talented at music, motion design as well as coding. So we had to find out more about the project.

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Vezér, Making Resolume Bounce

Tamas Nagy, ( whom you might know as the creator of the wonderful OSX VJ app Coge ) has created a very powerful yet simple and intuitive timeline control app called Vezér.

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Getting 'in touch' with Resolume

In case you hadn't heard, there recently was an important memo on what's hot and what's not from the VJ fashion police. It clearly stated that for the fashionable VJ in autumn 2010 midi controllers are a definite no-no. For those wanting to be seen VJ'ing in style, the iPad is the must-have accessory in your setup.

So of course not wanting you to look outdated at your gigs, we thought we'd round up what's going on on the iPad/TouchOSC front:

First up is Docmotion2010, who rocks out an effects heavy iPad setup:

He doesn't give a lot of info, but we're predicting that using the iPad as a cover for that unstylish keyboard is going to be the trend for 2011.

Then for those who want to get their fingers dirty themselves (but looking super hip in the process), look no further than the layout from Digital Gigalow, a two-in-one solution, allowing control over both Ableton Live and Resolume.

NEW IPAD CONTROLLER.jpg (101.52 KiB) Viewed 9330 times
Another complete layout comes from dBiz, which can be downloaded here. Be sure to check out the demo video to see how to score bonus style points by controlling Resolume with one hand, and a having a smoke with the other.

Of course this list wouldn't be complete without a shout out to the pioneers of the Touch style, who risked their reputations by venturing into then unknown areas of VJ fashion. Big up to Martin/GradeK, whose iPhone/TouchOSC/OSCulator mash up helped pave the way for us all.

And last but no least, we wouldn't leave you without this video by TIGERcat. After watching this lovely performance, there are simply no more excuses for looking unstylish on stage.

That's it from us. If you have any other hip iPad layouts or cool videos to share, be sure to let us know by leaving a reply!

-the ResTeam

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