World wide FFGL plugins list

This list contains all the FFGL effects for Resolume we know about at the moment. Most of them are free, some are premium.

Compatible with Resolume 6 and eariler (32/64 bit)

Hybrid Visuals Chaser:

Techlife Lots of plugins including FFGL AnalogTV, FFGL AsciiArt, FFGL Manga and FFGL Glitch

VFX Art Shop Lots and lots of plugins on the psychedelic end of the spectrum (most plugins Windows only)

BigFug fugGlitch, fugFeedback, fugPower and fugScope

Subpixel TriTone and AutoMask (windows Only)

Visution Mapio

William Rood aceFX bundle

Trypta Kaleido (PC only)

Angelo Dvizion's amazing Mapper

Yochee has been porting some Shadertoy goodness to FFGL (PC only)

We ported Dani Berio's Fireworks to native FFGL and made it part of the open source FFGL repo.

Compatible with Resolume 5 and earlier (32 bit only)

Visution ClipSA, FaderSA, IR OSCSA, IR Keystone2[3], IR Cosmic Pack

Hive8 Radial Cloner and Horizontal Cloner

1210 Visuals FrRGBDelay, FrFunkyColor, FrParameters and FrMultiStrobe

Dani, Resolume DropShadow and Fireworks

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News from the FFGL kitchen

It's been a while since we had some news from the FFGL kitchen, but we're pleased to say there's been some good cooking going on!

First off, we would like to introduce you to Marc Wren. Marc is a developer who's apparently been having openFrameworks sandwiches with some FFGL on top for lunch, and we were very excited when he wrote us about his latest project called sfFreeFrame:

It's a collection of FreeFrame plugins and I'm hoping these plugins will be useful both to people looking for additional elements to use in their performances and for people trying to get into visual programing (the project is open source).

So aside from getting to play with your food, you can also get the ingredients to do some creative coding yourself. This is the kind of thing that warms our geeky hearts and there's nothing more we could add to that, except check out the demo videos and then head over to the sourceforge page to download, where you can also find installation instructions. After installation, these tasty new toys will be available from the sources tab.

My current favourite is sfSpiderPoints. Which one is yours?


And then to top it all off, gpvillamil points us to a new source of FFGL goodness. The folks from 1210 Visuals pop up out of nowhere, and drop four FFGL bombs on your plate. For starters, there's two full fledged effects, including a very *very* handy separate clip properties plugin. And if you really can't get enough there's already two effects in beta, including a very tasty RGB delay plugin.
1210Visuals RGB Delay.png
1210Visuals RGB Delay.png (161.2 KiB) Viewed 8106 times
Head on over to the 1210Visuals website, download, follow the install instructions and be amazed. Of course don't forget to donate. Also be sure to use the handy feature to be notified by email when new plugs come out.

Bon apetit! Now taking votes for your favourite dish!

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Resolume Christmas Present 2010: FFGL Fireworks Plugin

Because we love you all so much we want to give you all a nice Christmas present again. This year it's a FFGL Fireworks plugin made by our programmer Daniel Berio. Not only do you get a nice display of fireworks from this plugin but we decided to program it using our FreeFrame openFrameworks wrapper and release the source code as well. We hope this will inspire some of you to learn FFGL programming during those long dark December nights.

Merry Christmas and a Happy 20!!

The Resolume Team
Edwin & Bart & Dani & Tim & Joris

Download Windows ...

Download Mac OS X ...

Source code ... tycles/src

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