Resolume Avenue & Arena 6.0.1 Update

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Resolume Avenue & Arena 6.0.1 Update

Post by bart »

After just releasing 6.0.0, there's 6.0.1 already? Yes, here it is! Although we haven't found any huge showstoppers in 6.0.0, there's always improvements to be made. So we keep this truck on rolling.

We like JAY-Z. We gotta keep it movin'....

On to the next one
On to the next one
On to the next one
On to the next one

Download 6.0.1

phpBB [video]

Fix List
10084 Slice transform effect Black BG switch doesn't make effect/BG black with bypassed slices
10064 Color/hue of Colorize effect from R5 composition is not imported correctly into R6 colorize effect
10063 Apphang accessing clip with missing track from R5 imported composition
10058 Auto mask effect breaks original alpha
10031 Twisted effect Twirl rotates the opposite direction as in R5
10030 Tunnel effect's far end tunnel point is closer than texture
10029 Tile effect's parameters work inverted compared to R5
10024 Mirror quad effect flip y works inverted compared to R5
10013 Freeze effect Y parameter freezes from Bottom on R6, in R5 it freezes from top
10008 Cube tiles effect flips texture upside down on tiles
9756 Pickup mode for animated params only works on Opacity
9559 Crash when opening ASIO device
10095 Brightness effect is not converted correctly from 5 to 6
10079 Multiple BMD cards in a system capturing black with R6, work with R5
10025 Radar effect trail and angle inverted in R6 compared to R5
9991 Wrap around soft-edge is no worky on R6, works in R5
7799 Slice transform cuts texture when dropped on clip by default
2392 GUI help
10159 BeatLoopr UI incorrect
10158 Importing Large JPEG & PNG (32000pixels wide) makes Resolume crash
10155 Group audio meters display the same as the composition audio meter
10117 Preferences are reset when opening 6.0.1 build after 6.0.0 build and vice versa
10077 Remove . (dot) from beginning of font names
10048 'Paste effects' removes destination clip's original effects
10046 Custom OSC output stays visible
10026 Stingy Sphere effect launch/init freezes rendering
9987 Artnet Error: WSASendMSG is not availible 10022
9958 Spout Video Source is Missing Alpha Type setting
9929 Clip / Layer / Group bypass & solo not applying fades on audio
9912 Deck can have no clips in hard to find case
9895 Fix pressing enter opening a random menu after opening a composition
9657 Preferences - Clip start offset not working
9587 Clip launches with last direction when comp direction pinned
9473 Metronome and FFT gain can overlap, if you have panels on the right

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Re: Resolume Avenue & Arena 6.0.1 Update

Post by cosmowe »

that was fast
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