backing track + midi

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backing track + midi

Post by jjm35 »

hello, I am in the design process of my next visual rig setup for my rock band. The basics is: one backing track, and one midi track for managing resolume programmation, which is based in some video layers, and maybe 4 or 6 live cameras.
Ok, the resolume configuration and programmation of the layers and the cameras is clear for me, no problem in that, but need to launch one audio backing track in sync with a midi file (with command controls) for managing resolume layers. I would like this audio and midi control files would put in one resolume layer too (the first of every song), and from here, the other layers be launched on resolume. Every song with his layers would be placed in a deck individually, and every deck would be called with a midi pedalboard for that pourpose, then in I press button 1, automatically deck 1 is selected, and the layer that contains the backing track and the midi control for that song will be launched, and from it, every event of that song until the end. Then I will press number 2 in pedalboard... (gou get the idea).
My problem is I am unable to load midi files (.mid) in resolume. There is some method for importing midi files in resolume?
The (bad) solution is to use an external midi player for launch midi file, then with the midi file, launch the backing track and all video and camera layers inside resolume, but I prefer have midi file inside resolume for security an clean design.
Some advice for that?
Thank you

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Re: backing track + midi

Post by Arvol »

You will need to use a daw for your audio playback then connect the daw to your resolume machine using a virtual midi cable, something like copperlan, or bomes network midi. if it's all on the same machine you can use loopme virtual midi cable. resolume is video, and then something like ableton will be audio, keep the apps and audio/video seperate.

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