Crashing all the time.. alt-tabbing/cam input

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Crashing all the time.. alt-tabbing/cam input

Post by idrajit »

Hey guys,
I am not sure what the cause of this bug is, but even though i have resolume updated and everything it keeps crashing non-stop. I mostly use resolume nowadays to input my webcam and then output it via spoutcam to any video chats im in, and add effects to my camera. I don't know if that has anything to do with it. Anyways lately no matter what it will crash at some point. I don't know if it is when I alt tab, although that's what I've been suspecting, but it just crashes non stop every time I use it.
Let me know any additional info needed to solve this, I sent the error report when it happened.

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Re: Crashing all the time.. alt-tabbing/cam input

Post by Arvol »

Send in the crash logs so they can see what the cause is. 99% of the time it is GPU driver related. what GPU and OS do you have? Are your drivers up to date?

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Re: Crashing all the time.. alt-tabbing/cam input

Post by Zoltán »

We know of an issue where running spout output from Resolume in dx9 mode can lead to a crash and are working on it.
I'd recommend to disable dx9 functions using SpoutSettings.exe, which is part of the Spout installer you can get at

This is just a guess, that it could be the reason in your case, we'd need the crash report to be more specific ;)
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