Relative Midi Mapping for Clip triggering

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Relative Midi Mapping for Clip triggering

Postby subvert » Mon Aug 22, 2011 17:08


now I am not quite sure if this isn't already possible in a way, but I think this exact function is somehow missing and would help a lot:

I use Resolume with an APC 40 and would like to be able to trigger all my clips by MIDI only.
Now the problem is, like most MIDI controllers I only have 8-9 Buttons in a row, but building decks with only 8 clips per row leaves me with a headache of switching between the decks or triggering half of my clips with the mouse.

So I'd suggest this feature (hope it's understandable):
resolume_suggestion.jpg (86.89 KiB) Viewed 1650 times

This way you could fill up you're rows with as many clips as you like and just scroll to the position you'd like to use, all with your MIDI controller.

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