VideoPong competition: And the winner is...

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VideoPong competition: And the winner is...

Post by Joris »

In our humble opinion, is one of the nicest footage sharing sites on the web at the moment. Instead of being a vault of footage that is regularly being raided by everybody and their grandma, users of VideoPong are actively encouraged to participate in a community.

First of all, after joining VideoPong, you have to give before you can take. You need to share some of your own clips in order to download those of others. But even better, you can remix other people's clips. It was this feature that we liked a lot, and it became the basis for the Resolume/VideoPong competition.

Long story short, you could win a boxed Avenue 4 license, simply by remixing this clip:

(Lines moving across, by Joris. "it's beauty moved me to tears")

In the end, the winner was decided by VideoPong user votes, and a jury combined from the folks from VideoPong and Resolume:

Grand winner:

Lines moving across, by Paul Power

1st Runner up:

Stripe Remix by Zweck

2nd Runner up:

_stripeScraper by fredVJ.

As in all competitions, the decision was very hard, so aside from the top three we'd like to name a few honorary mentions as well. Be inspired!

Flowapowa by Biolume

white stripe_ deconstructed by patrick

Asp THE GreAt - RMX by Asp

1.6-15.7 win a resolume avenue4 license for best remix by Salil

FANCY TREES UP THE HILL (remix contest) by fapol

Them blades. by Biolume

_20´s style dead of a stripe Part 1 by fredVJ

So, congratulations to the winner, and thanks to everyone to participated. You laid down more lines than a game of tetris.

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