Resolume 4.1.11 - Gotta catch 'em all!

First there was 4.1.9.
Then there was 4.1.10.
Now here's 4.1.11.

Bugs are like Pokemon. It's hard to catch them all.

But we keep going. Because we love you.

4.1.11 is a free update, available from the downloads page...

[Fixed] Crash with some DXV encoded files.
[Fixed] Some thumbnails are upside down.
[Fixed] Alpha not recognised in Animation / ProRes codecs.
[Fixed] Crop doesn't work on 4.1.10.
[Fixed] Turning on Show Display and Slice info, disables all output.
[Fixed] Mouse cursor does not change in Advanced Output Transform mode.

Posted by Joris on Friday June 20, 2014 at 11:06 Tags: Update
Comment from weezhum:

Thanks Joris and Resolume! You guys are on top of it.

Comment from Oaktown:

Thanks Joris! I loaded 4.1.11 right up on the media server right before the US premiere of Anya17 and it ran like a charm.

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