A New Year, A New Resolume: 5.1.3 & 4.6.3

It's January 26 now this so it's probably too late to late to wish you all a happy new year, but, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Here is the first Resolume update of 2017. It has mainly fixes in the Advanced Output and some SMPTE timecode fixes.

Download and enjoy that zen moment of staring at a slowly moving progress bar. If you're in a hurry then download the installer without any demo footage, it's much smaller so it wil download faster. You'll find it in the dropdown menu at the bottom of the downloads page.

Resolume Arena 5.1.3 & Avenue 4.6.3
[FIXED] SMPTE value in status bar not working when SMPTE is set to 29.97 fps
[FIXED] High SMPTE Offset values are not picked up by GUI when SMPTE is set to 29.97
[FIXED] SMPTE offset calculation is broken when using 29.97 drop-frame timecode
[FIXED] When slices are snapped to the edge of the comp, edge blend wraps and gets applied on wrong part of slice
[FIXED] Disable Snap toggle button no worky for polyslices and output masks
[FIXED] Clip In and Outpoints can get reset on composition reload
[FIXED] Still image duration not remembered after switching deck
[FIXED] Slice snapper snaps to a weird snap result
[FIXED] Mask corner point selection cycles to other slice or fixture when clicked
[FIXED] Can not load an output preset when you've never saved an output preset
[FIXED] Output preset name doesn’t get updated after opening preset and cancel
[FIXED] Undo breaks the transformer widget's outline
[FIXED] Multitask transition has a single flash of white on the right texture halfway through the transition
[FIXED] Audio track that needs to be relocated, still shows codec info and duration
[FIXED] Polygon slice "match input shape" works normalized, it shouldn't
[FIXED] Slice name sometimes has outline.
[FIXED] Problems with Japanese font rendering

Team Resolume

Posted by bart on Thursday January 26, 2017 at 11:38 Tags: update
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