Resolume Avenue & Arena 6.0.4 Update

Resolume 6 needs to phone home every 30 days to check if its registration is still good. This is so you no longer need to contact us for help with broken or lost computers. You can just manage your license online, whenever you need it, even when it's the middle of the night in The Hague and we're all sleeping. Most of you never noticed because Resolume verifies your license automatically during startup.

But some of you noticed. We made a mistake by not clearly informing you about this change. So, 30 days after Black Friday, of course right during Christmas, a few of you got an unpleasant surprise when Resolume went into demo mode midshow. That sucks. The show suffered and that should never happen. We messed up and we apologise.

On this release, we've addressed this by letting you know right when you register. Also, you now get a warning on the toolbar after 15 days offline use. 5 days before your license expires, you get a pop-up during startup. You still need to go online, but at least you get ample warning when your license is about to expire.

Also, we fixed a big bug with Blackmagic cards showing black and no magic. This was a big one that a lot of you reported since the 6.0.0 release. We finally figured out there was a color space problem on the Intensity 4K and Ultrastudio 4K series. In other news, we now own pretty much every box that Blackmagic ever made.

For the rest, we fixed a lot of UI and workflow problems, as well as a truckload of minor crashes. Keep sending in those crash reports because they help a lot!

Now hit that download or Check for Updates... in the application.

Fix List
Registration expires without warning
Blackmagic devices capture black
Resolume hangs when you accidentally quit while MM is copying
'Select Specific Deck' shortcut button missing
Bypassing fixture doesn't mute DMX output
Composition fader no worky work with Art-Net
Layers above one below masking layer in a group, don't show in group output
Connected clip state on APC 40 doesn't update on deck switch
Cannot quit Resolume during autoupdate on PC
GIFs with alpha show white where they should be transparent
Fader Start doesn't work with Master Slider
Default Key Shortcut settings are missing S for Scale and P for position for adjusting clip parameters
Default MIDI Shortcut APC40MK II - "Session" button breaks the workflow, makes Resolume go spastic.
By Position is the new default on layer and group shortcuts
By default "Update clip panel on external triggers" should be ON. Just like v5
Delay effect stutters
When clip is set to pickup mode and play once and hold, and previous clip has played til it's it should start at the beginning again
BPM Clip set on "Play Once and Hold" doesn't continue when you set it back on "Loop"
Files panel keeps refreshing in windows user's folder root when resolume is maximized
(Re)Trigger Selected Clip no worky
This Group column shortcuts are lost on composition reload
Crash launching clips with StingySphere effect
Error initializing Art-Net with adapter that doesn't exist
DMX Prefrences tab gives the option to output 17 (0-16) universes while only 16 (0-15) are possible
DMX monitor shows incoming artnet from different device if localhost is selected
Multiple midi-clock devices possible in preferences, this is wrong
Opacity animation jumps on clip start when clip was previewed on disconnect
Mouseover for preset buttons no worky
Mac; Opening Composition with Multiple decks; get renamed back based on folder instead of saved state by user.
Watermark not applied on dmx output
Custom Names on Group Dashboard Dials reset to Parameter name after closing the program or changing compositions
Dragging a panel from a panel group above the group creates empty space under dashboard
Particle System, Wind and Gravity Parameters stay at 0.0
Adjusting brightness/contrast or colors on a screen screws up fonts and points in Advanced Output
OSC output uses a lot of cpu

Posted by Joris on Friday January 19, 2018 at 10:13
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