Resolume Avenue & Arena 6.0.6 update: "If I ever see you again..."

Minor point updates are like those songs that get stuck in your head.

In time, another song will come along and you'll wonder why you liked this one so much. But right now, it's the best thing in the world. You're blasting that baby on repeat, singing along at the top of your lungs, moshing out in the bedroom. While your significant other looks on in equal parts amusement and embarrassment.

Fire up your guilty pleasures on Spotify while you hit that download.


6.0.6 adds two new songs to the album!

6966 Identify Slice or Fixture: new option in the Show Slice and Grid menu, will draw a slice white when mouse-overing
10830 NDI Ptz controls: Pan/tilt/zoom and focus controls in the Clip Properties

Also, we hang our head in shame for ever listening to these songs. We were young and emo was still cool, ok.

10660 Shortcuts panel missing
10670 Random BPM Sync drunk walk is broken
10694 Slow loading time when entering MIDI Shortcuts
10734 Midi Clock jumps to 20 or 500 bpm
10779 Unable to save alpha type of an transparent image file
10787 External FFT broken on group parameters and effects

While we were at it, we got rid of these annoying commercial jingles and various crashes.

9475 Only open the audio device channels we need
9575 Not all thumbnails are correct for GIF images
9946 Resolume hangs when using multiple USB ports for capturing.
10199 FFmpeg implementation not 100% ok
10200 AudioFormatReaderFFmpeg leaked on shutdown
10228 OSC output shortcut dropdown can be empty
10254 shortcut multi select changes target when multi selection contains composition level target
10285 can't select soundcard for audio input on Windows
10389 Group transport controls in deck UI don't behave properly when Envelope is on it.
10404 Appcrash - Unplugging Black Magic Intensity while active
10449 Touchbar controls don't respect parameter ranges
10459 Fader Start = On; shows one or few frames where you last went on 0 opacity instead of picking up from the beginning.
10524 Don't set Text parameter when applying a Text animator or Text Block preset
10537 NDI memory leak when dragging in (non connectable) source
10556 Some text fonts lose the style setting on deck switch or composition save
10560 Assigning multiple midi input - gives incorrect feedback
10587 FFT Animated parameters on effects on non playing clips cost a lot of FPS
10602 Memory leaks when plugging / unplugging monitors on windows
10616 Transport freezes when using beatloopr & bounce
10635 OSC Output /composition/selectedclip/... doesn't get updated when selecting new layer
10666 Slice's input list headers are missing, when multiple slices are selected
10671 Text Editor Changes Parameters when switching decks
10675 No footage installer should not include example comp with footage
10719 Ableton push not working in Resolume 6, works on the same machine in ableton.
10727 Exiting mapping mode leaves unlinked dashboard dials in enabled state
10730 Fix animation getting into a state of having no duration.
10731 Parameter shows when using FFGL mixer on effect
10732 Composition Master and Video opacity movements do not show in recording
10733 Premultiplied & Straight options for NDI
10737 Fix generators not getting released
10753 Better sorting of available formats for capture devices
10757 masks don't load properly sometimes when you replace a masking file
10775 SMPTE input from high number sound card input does not work
10777 size of attached files is incorrect on composition reopen
10783 Cursors in Default Key Shortcuts doesn't work properly on Windows
10794 Changing the Hue, Saturation or Brightness of color through OSC has no effect if Color is in RGB or Picker mode and vice versa
10799 Fixture Editor: Generic channels can only have even numbers as default
10833 Control + clicking on a parameter - + buttons set the parameter to -1 or 1 respectively
10834 AV DXV flashes file's first frame start on launch if clip is set to loop.
10841 DMX clip, column launch relaunches clip constantly above the launch threshold value when channel is changing
10844 Link Unavailable after assigning VST effect parameter to dashboard
10848 Fix ffmpeg file reading taking too long (windows)
10855 apphang dropping magewell source to composition in 6.0.5 works in 6.0.4
10857 ContextManager warnings on shutdown
10858 Magewell PCIe boxes no worky
10881 Displayed time remaining on license is a non-existent number
10885 Generic channels can only have even numbers as value
10894 Pre-updating video clips breaks group direction & speed

Posted by Joris on Friday March 9, 2018 at 11:12
Comment from cosmowe:

From a musical point of view. A very good way.

Comment from francoe:

There's a lot of jingles removed from playlist :)

Comment from warpnote:

Hey Resolume team. Congrats again on the great new version!
I just wanted to ask, will there be video tutorials/tips'n tricks for the new features in Arena 6?
Would be happy pay an additional fee on the tutorials.

Thanks, Warp Visuals

Comment from Joris:

will there be video tutorials/tips'n tricks for the new features in Arena 6?
Good news! We've asked Ryan from to get his nerd on and make some quick tips for y'all:

phpBB [video]

phpBB [video]

phpBB [video]

phpBB [video]

More coming...

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