Merry Christmas! Enter the Resolume User Survey & Win an Akai APC40 MIDI Controller

2018 is coming to an end. And the end of a year is usually a time where we look back at what happened and think about the things we would like to do next year.

2018 was an excellent year for us. We focussed mainly on version 6 and getting her in the best shape she can be. So we released many updates that included a lot of bug fixes and improvements.

We’re really quite happy with where version 6 is at the moment. Next year we’re obviously going to continue working on keeping it that way. But at the same time, we're going to shift the focus a bit to new features again. We have a lot of what we think are great ideas. In the end, you're the ones out there every weekend using Resolume, so we’d like to know exactly what you're still struggling with, what we should build next and what we can improve upon.

We have created a survey so you can contemplate how the past year's been for you, and let us know where you want Resolume to take you next year.

Enter Resolume User Survey The survey is closed and we'll contact the lucky APC winner via mail.

As a reward for taking the time to enter the Resolume survey, we’re going to raffle one Akai APC40 MK2 among the entries, kindly donated by Akai. We think the APC40 is the best controller for Resolume. So if you do not win one, you should go out and buy yourself one as a Christmas gift. We're including a decksaver to make that bad boy backpack travel proof.

That’s it from us for this year, have a very Merry Christmas, enjoy your new year's gig and we’ll see you next year!

Posted by bart on Thursday December 20, 2018 at 13:02
Comment from francoe:

Can we fill it after this long weekend of madness? :x

Comment from pfelberg:

So... who won the Akai controller I am still wondering if it will be me ; )

Comment from Zoltán:

The survey is still open to enter, we don't have a winner yet.

Comment from Arvol:

Zoltán wrote:
Thu Dec 27, 2018 16:30
The survey is still open to enter, we don't have a winner yet.
Well.... As we are all Resolume users, doesn't that make us ALL winners, in life at least? ;)

Comment from cosmowe:



Comment from Joris:

The "Resolume User Survey 2018" is closed. You responded en masse so we have a lot to think about!

The lucky winner of the APC40 will be randomly selected based on a complex algorithm that shifts bits uniformly distributed over the first 10000 digits of PI. That or I'm going to write 2000+ email addresses on 2000+ pieces of paper and draw the winner from a hat. I honestly don't know which one is the worst...

Comment from Joris:

So. In the end we had 2288 entries and we spent way too much time figuring out how to randomly select a winner.

We could of course use a random number generator website, but that would have been super boring.

phpBB [video]

Then Bart found a video of this awesome electronic random number box. This thing looks amazing, but we couldn't find one for sale right now. We actually found a few alternatives, but they weren't as good looking, plus kind of expensive.


So we toyed with the idea of using lotto balls, but then we figured out that would biased if your entry was in the last 288.


Then we came up with an elaborate plan of throwing a dart at a wheel of fortune wheel, before we realised the wheel either had to be 10 meters wide, or the spacing between entries would have to be 1.6mm. So that idea was out.

So being nerds, in the end we decided we would take the modulo of 2288 and the number of lines in the Resolume source code. 2288 % 1264524 = 1548. Hooray.

Of course, that turned out to be a spam entry, so then we just decided to take the last digits of the serial number of the APC.

We've emailed the winner, so check your inbox! Congrats to you, and thanks very much to everyone that participated! You rock!

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