Resolume 7.0.5: NDI 4, FFGL Plugin Improvements, Smoother SMPTE Playback, Alley Footage Downloader

NDI is updated to version 4 which is faster and has better compression. Playback via SMPTE is a lot smoother. Installing new FFGL plugins does not require a restart anymore and when FFGL plugins are missing in a composition you now see a warning. Last but not least Alley can now download Resolume footage for you!

Alley Footage Downloader
When you buy footage in the Resolume shop you have to download a lot of zip files, unzip them when they are downloaded and then copy the files to your desired location. That all requires a lot of time clicking with your mouse and let's be honest we would all prefer to spend our precious mouse clicks on something else. So now Alley can download and unzip footage packs for you! Log in to your shop account and you'll now find a Download with Alley button on your footage packs, click it (after you have installed 7.0.5) and Alley will take care of everything. Huge timesaver! 💪🏻

NDI is updated to version 4 which is faster and has improved image quality. NDI 16 bit streaming is not yet supported.

Improved FFGL Plugin Management
When you install an FFGL plugin you do not have to restart Resolume anymore to make sure it shows up in the interface. Now FFGL plugins will show up in Resolume instantly even when it's already running. And when you open a composition that uses FFGL plugins that are not installed you'll see a red warning to let you know they are missing. Install them and you're good to go, no restart required.

Smoother SMPTE Playback
While working on the SMPTE above 24 hours in version 7.0.4 we saw some more room for improvement. So now video playback is a lot smoother when controlled by SMPTE.

NVIDIA Application Profile
We now install an NVIDIA application profile to make sure the driver settings are optimal for Avenue & Arena.

Swap Input Output Shape in the Advanced Output
Make the input shape of a slice the output shape and the output shape the input shape. Get it? Neither do we ;-) But this is sometimes quite handy when you're creating complex mappings with various virtual screens. Right-click a slice and you'll find this option in the slice popup menu.

Select "Check for Updates.." in the Avenue or Arena menu and it will self-update. Or head over to the Downloads page.

Hotfix Nov 28th
#13652 MP4 Playback is very slow

Hotfix Arena Nov 25th
#13540 Crash resizing or moving polygon slice with keyboard input
#13635 SMPTE 2 input sets SMTPE 1 display in the UI

Bug Fixes Avenue & Arena 7.0.5
#13505 Crash switching decks
#13570 Crash dropping wav file onto AV clip with missing tracks
#13562 Slice outlines are not being drawn in the Output transformation
#13459 Presets containing paused parameter animations do not reload correctly
#13411 Advanced Output: Swap Input Output Shape
#13235 Crash on exit on unsupported hardware
#13516 Crash with note mapped multiple times to different transport settings
#13540 Crash resizing or moving polygon slice with keyboard input
#13279 You can get corrupted layout entering shortcuts, Resolume crashes on exit and won't start again
#13182 Can't move Windowed output enabled to display 1 with composition same size as display
#13257 Multiple highlighted columns in group after opening menu
#13353 OSC output for color RGBA, HSB sliders is not sent when you use a custom OSC preset
#13413 FFGL Param feedback value is not easy to read
#13470 Collected files that were in multiple decks can be loaded from the wrong folder
#13490 Relocating doesn't find other files from path that has been moved from root
#13502 Output can flash to black on windows when you close Preferences
#13507 Solid color HSB / RGB params with timeline & envelope: slider only updates when value changes
#13514 Transition times can get ignored loading composition
#13307 Version 7 takes 80+ seconds to startup on some machines (wait for storage manager)
#13369 Crash creating recording/encoding when disk gets full
#13460 Layer auto size can get set to other than Off creating a new composition
#13472 Layer masking sometimes not applied on composition load
#13473 Random BPM Sync Speed & Interval Parameters do not respond to MIDI controller input
#13489 Crash resizing multi selection with non video also selected
#13498 Advanced Output preset with NDI output fails xml validation
#13499 7.0.4 opens Resolume 5 compositions only up to column 8
#13513 Transition times are not set properly when creating a new composition
#13428 This cat gif has the wrong duration

Bug Fixes Alley 2.1.5
#13327 Alley only loads one clip when pressing Enter on a multi selection in Explorer
#13394 Alley: Play converted file
#13428 This cat gif has the wrong duration
#13443 Can't drop files in Alley when Queue list is selected
#13233 Alley converts files with Frame PTS=0 flags to different stream lengths, audio and video drifts apart

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Comment from francoe:

Hi Bart.
So, no downloader fixed panel or inyourface advertising.
Gets me surprised and loved it!

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