We’ve Extended All Resolume 7 Licenses With 3 Months For Free

As you all know due to the coronavirus the whole events industry is flat on its back right now. We’re now 3 months into this and it’s still unbelievable that something so catastrophic could happen to all of us at the same time all around the world.

Live-streams and virtual stages or even drive-inn raves are OK for now but it’s not the same. This is not why you became a VJ. You want to be at a show, big or small, in front of a live audience to enjoy the music and provide the live visuals. We were not born to stare at a little screen all day, we want to go out and experience real life.

Of course Resolume is also hit by this. Our software and footage revenue is at an all-time low, but, we’re all working from home and Resolume development is continuing. We know many of you are hit way harder and some of you have literally not done any gigs since March. This is why we want to share the pain and try to help where we can. We’ve extended all Resolume 7 licenses by 3 months for free on July 1st so you do not have to renew your license anytime soon.

We can’t wait for things to get back to normal. Let’s hope we all can start doing what we love again very soon.

Stay Strong,
Team Resolume

P.S. You do not have to do anything to get the 3 months extra on your license. Just start Avenue or Arena on your computer with an internet connection and it will automatically refresh its license. You'll see the new expire date on the Register tab of the Preferences. This also works when you use a dongle to manage your license.

Posted by bart on Wednesday June 17, 2020 at 14:58
Comment from Film35HD:

To Bart and the Team:
Thank you so much! That is very generous and may the good Karma come back to all of you 10-fold!

Best from your friends in the USA.

Comment from bart:

Thank you ;-)

Comment from Warspite:

Now i am feeling much better.

Comment from cosmowe:

Oh Resolumes :)
I was sitting on the toilet minding my own business when your email reached me. True story... I started to smile!

This is sooooo nice of you!
Thank you very much! This way it feels even better to be a customer from Resolume B.V. :!:

Best wishes

Comment from Yuckfou157:

Thank you for this beautiful gesture :)

Comment from Snoxxx:

Thank you !

Comment from francoe:

Sadly, 3 months seems like a big nothing to me.
My account says: "You will receive all software updates until Sun Feb 28, 2021. "
Last gig I've made was on Feb 15, 2020. And we all already know until feb 2021 will be no massive shows, no disco, etc. I'm still on quarantine, living with a social help wage of 50 euros/month(!), waiting all this madness goes away. So, I feel payed a year of nothing, and next one I will be like a cat craving for a crack.
Well, maybe I will be selling coconuts on mainstreet. :?
Any chance to keep working the last update before the licence expires?

Comment from Zoltán:

Your license will work for ever with the last Resolume release within the year, even after the year of updates expired.

Have a look at our support page for more detailed information about how the licensing and renewal system works here:https://resolume.com/support/en/updates

Comment from Grimm90:

thanks for the extra months , hoped it would be kinda over by now but nope, still no gigs.
Sorry resolume team , i'll only be able to renew my subscription if gigs start coming back. At this point breaking my head about which projectors to keep and which to sell :( :( :(

Comment from pfelberg:

Thank you!!!

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