Resolume 7.3.0 Released! Start settings for parameter animation, new effects & generators

Version 7.3.0 has start options for parameter animations. You can now determine when a parameter animation starts and re-triggers as well as playing BPM parameter animations out of the global BPM phase. 7.3.0 also contains two new generators; Abstract Field and Tunnelines. A picture in picture mixer (PiP). Two new effects; Acuarela and Tilt Shift. And of course, as usual, a lot of small bug fixes.

Parameter Start Settings
When you set a parameter to animate on a Timeline or BPM Sync you now have some extra options to determine when exactly it is started and re-triggered. What this does exactly is hard to describe in words, but we tried anyway here. It's best shown by example so checkout the video that explains it all.

phpBB [video]

Upgraded FFGL to v2.2
With FFGL version 2.2 developers can more easily debug their plugins and group parameters together. All details are on our GitHub repo.

Backwards Compatibility
Compositions saved in version 7.3.0 are not fully backwards compatible with older versions like 7.2.1 This is not usually a problem but you should be aware of this when for instance sharing a composition with others. Once saved in 7.3.0 you should always open in 7.3.0 (or higher).

New Effects & Generators
phpBB [video]

Abstract Field Generator
AbstractField.gif (1.52 MiB) Viewed 10518 times
Tunnelines Generator
Tunnelines.gif (2.4 MiB) Viewed 10517 times
Picture in Picture Mixer (PiP)
Acuarela Effect
Tilt Shift Effect
HOTFIX Wed 18 Nov
#14711 Bounce breaks for BPM params on clip restart
#14712 Clip params in BPM Random stop animating on clip re-connect
#14678 Denon prime connection fails if player is started after Resolume, breaks after player got disconnected from network
#14706 Run Vulkan RunTimeInstaller during installation

Fix List
#14587 Crash Increasing Audio buffer size with EQ VST on composition
#14424 Crash right clicking on clip while deck still loading
#14427 Crash trying to render clip with missing tracks
#14468 Crash trying to add fixture to copied v6 fixtures
#14391 Crash on render when antivirus blocks Resolume access to rendering folder
#14407 Crash changing NDI resolution
#14362 Popups & menus getting stuck sometimes
#13907 UI stops responding on clip transition with lots of video routers/effect clips
#14389 UI hangs with many Video routers when I crank the composition speed
#14418 Renders of BPM synced loops are jumpy, first/last frames of file is a duplicate of the second/last but one
#13877 Playing motion jpeg at odd resolution shows skewed
#14125 Files with apostrophe and & in name are not reconnected loading a collected composition
#14387 Undoing effect move can leave param assigned to dashboard where effect was moved from
#14419 Paste effects leaves clip position and dashboard assignments for params disconnected
#14420 Soft edge parameters are not reloaded properly on restart
#14498 Soft edge Black level compensation is applied when Soft edge is off
#14353 Removing a clip in Alley sets list position below playing clip
#14532 Don't convert custom OSC Output Address to lowercase
#14404 Add Save and Quit option to quit confirmation
#13393 Audio effect renaming
#14595 Copy new factory (default) presets to Documents folder
#14653 Reveal In Finder for Envelope and Color Palette presets in Preset Manager Window not working
#14372 Layer mixer parameters don't reconnect to Transition phase and dashboard on composition open

Select "Check for Updates.." in the Avenue or Arena menu and it will self-update. Or just visit the downloads page.

Posted by bart on Friday November 13, 2020 at 14:03
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