We Need to Talk. Join us on Slack!

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We've been using Slack for our team communications since the pandemic and it has been super handy for us to stay connected. We have now also opened a public Slack Resolume Community where you can all come together and chat. There are various channels for different topics so come in and say hi 👋

Posted by bart on Friday November 20, 2020 at 11:40 Tags: slack
Comment from ZoeHarden:

I can't join gives an error, what should I do? :?: :idea:

Comment from Zoltán:

What's the error message you get?

Comment from bart:

Yeah it's annoying that the Slack invite URL expired after 30 days. I have updated the links to a new url in the top article. We'll need to do this every month ;-(

Comment from He2neg:

No pls dont....

Slack can work for work groups and specific projects.... i looked and think its pure chaos and

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