Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2020

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The sale has ended, see you all next year!

Even this year, or should we say, especially this year, we're doing the Black Friday & Cyber Monday discount again. Arena, Avenue, Footage and T-shirts are all 50% off this weekend and Cyber Monday. Come get your discount!

Do you also want discount on plugins for Resolume? Our friends over at Juicebar have some great discount too! Get plugins on


When does the sale end?
The sale is from Friday November 26th to (and including) Monday 30 November.

Is the 50% discount on everything?
The discount applies to everything except USB Dongles. Avenue & Arena licenses, upgrades, footage, t-shirts, even educational licenses are 50% off.

So when I'm a student, I get 50% Black Friday discount AND educational discount?
Yes indeed the 50% Black Friday discount is on top of 50% educational discount.

How do I get the discount? Do you have a coupon code for me?
No need for a coupon, just add something to your cart and it will be half price. Automagically, just like that, boom, 50%.

Something went wrong during my order and now I'm afraid I'm going to miss the discount. Help!
Relax, breathe in, breathe out. Just send us an [email]( to let us know what happened and we'll get you sorted. Even if you don't receive a reply right away, don't worry, we'll make sure you get the discount

How do I upgrade my existing license?
You can see all your upgrade options and discounts by logging into your account.

I want to upgrade my old license, but it doesn't show in my account!
Send an email to with the license number and we'll get you sorted. Don't panic, we'll make sure you get the discount.

I just bought something x hours/days/weeks ago, and now you have a discount. That's not fair and I'm so angry!
Yes, that sucks. Unfortunately that will always be the problem when doing discount deals like this. If you think we've treated you unfairly in any way, just drop us a mail and we'll work something out.

Oh no, I missed the discount because my dog ate my laptop. Can you extend it, just for me, please?
No, we do not offer any discounts during the entire year, Black Friday/Cyber Monday is the only time we offer discount. No begging please, it's embarrassing.

Posted by bart on Thursday November 26, 2020 at 16:44
Comment from Arvol:

Yass! I've worn my 3 shirts down to almost nothing, time to restock my closet ;)

Comment from francoe:

Even with a discount of 90%, who can pay it without work? :(

Comment from Arvol:

francoe wrote: Thu Nov 26, 2020 20:58 Even with a discount of 90%, who can pay it without work? :(
Something that has been working out well for me in the past 16 years of being self employed:

30% off the top of your earnings goes into a "Savings" account to draw interest. At the first of the year, this account is used to pay taxes (self employment taxes are a bitch! Look into starting upp a LLC setup as a S-Corp).
***For US based residents, not sure how things abroad works***

20% goes into my business account for end of year purchases like Resolume's black Friday sale. This is what I invest back into my self each year. 20% of my yearly earnings. After 2-4 shows that amount alone covers the cost of Resolume's upgrades and maybe a content pack. The rest goes towards new fader replacements or hardware. If you do over 100 shows a year this 20% is enough to get you new toys.

The other 50% goes into my business account then into my personal account as a salary. This is used to pay things like house bills, credit cards, food ,fuel, additional savings, etc.

I was super lucky when I was younger. The tour accountant for a band I was working for told me that if I wanted to last long in this industry you have to look out for #1 first, and to think of the long game. Don't go out and blow your money as soon as you get it. There will be slow seasons and you need to save and prepare for those. (I don't think he, or anyone, could have foreseen 2020 happening lol). He got my head on right so that I could work in this industry for more than 5 years and have a house to come home to. I got very lucky with him taking me under his wing and getting my mindset right for this line of work. He also said the way you treat people on the way up is how you will be treated on the way down, and not to be an asshole, there's already enough of those in this industry ;) These 3 lessons are things I try to pass along to people as well in this industry as it has served me well for the better part of 16 years.

Everyone does business differently, but I'm just passing along a model that has worked well for me, maybe you can tweek it for what works for you? With this model, I'm able to make purchases at the end of each year, this year included. (coming from a guy who has had 24 out of his normal 200ish shows a year).

Hoping next year will pick up for everyone. And a BIG thank you to Resolume for continuing the yearly sale this year so our broke asses can still invest into ourselves to continue to have a successful 2021.

Comment from francoe:

Arvol, I appreciate your toughts. I know, has been 23 years on this road. Believe me, for many of us is not the way we manage our bills. Is really hard to stand up over nine months without gigs, paying taxes, health insuranse, rent, etc with misery aids of 20 bucks/month for food and no credit at all. The world isn't USA. On my side, 80% of vjs just can't pay for his tools. crackedpatchedshit are the norm, and usually when someone buy a licence is a recognition to developers more than a need. Some people is so out of that world you describe, that legality is an alien concept and paying for a licence a gesture of love. ;)

Comment from Arvol:

I completely understand. I haven't lived in the US my entire life ;)
I live here because it makes financial sense to do so.

Taking 2020 out of the equation because it has hurt us all. (I personally have lost well over 90% of my income this year, and one major company that paid well over 65% of my income is now no longer in business, I feel the hurt just like anyone else.)

If you can't afford to use a tool, it might be worth looking into using other tools? I can't speak for Resolume, but as someone who does run a business I know there are costs of doing business that do not go away because some people can't afford your product.
You have building costs, employees to pay, machines to buy and maintain, software subscriptions that need to be paid (just like these VJ's have too... see, it all rolls downhill), In the US you have health insurance you have to provide. There are costs of business that need to be paid regardless of what you price your product as and I assume Resolume's pricing methods reflect on these points?
Would you ask Ferrari to lower the cost of their SF90 car because some drivers can't afford it? No, That would be absurd. There are costs that go into making that and I'm sure it's priced accordingly as well. There are plenty of other cars that can do that job for something that fits their budget.
With that being said, I feel you won't find any other software that provides as much functionality and support for a cheaper price out there. Try buying a Hippo and lmk how that works out ;) lol
It stinks that some people can't make a descent living off of doing this, but that is on them, they need to step back at the end of the day and ask themselves, is making money more important than my passion for visuals? I'm very passionate about many things but I know I can't make a living off of some of them so I don't peruse that as my source of income. IT really comes down to the individual at the end of the day, not the software developers. The developers have a cost of business and they can't go below that or they won't be a company any more, and then who really losses out? The entire industry.
Have you looked into a Notch license recently? It's about $3k. Or TD? It's about $2.5k. They also don't do yearly specials last time I checked. But there's always Unreal that is free if you make less than $100,000 using it. So there's always a tool for the right person.
Personally I want to keep Resolume's doors open and updates coming out. The pricing seems way more than fair for me and the level of artists I work with day in and day out. TBH, I would even pay MORE If they let me, because they are a company I believe in and want to support 100%

On a side note, I put out a piece of software (for free as my gift to the industry for Covid) earlier this year, that IMO was one the biggest step forwards and gamechangers for the VJ community in 2020 (since we all where livestreaming on Twitch) and I barely got 200 people to download it. So it's hard for me to feel sorry for the people you are talking about when there are free tools out there that can do some amazing things but no one takes the time of day to use them ;)

Sorry for the long winded message, I'm just trying to shed light's on both sides of this conversation.
Either way, I hope we all have a much better 2021 and we can get back to our lives as usual.
Much Love <3

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