New footage! Micah Buzan, VJ Picles, Machina Infinitum

Micah Buzan created a pack of one-of-a-kind loops meant to make your performance stand out.
SuperCreature contains silky smooth animations that required hundreds of hours to perfect.

PsychedelicEssentials by VJ Picles has all the trippy essentials in one single pack.

Machina Infinitum moves its mountains in two versions: clean and 120 BPM effect sync loop. Check out Moving Mountains for a unique excursion!

Super Creature by Micah Buzan

phpBB [video]

Psychedelic Essentials by VJ Picles
phpBB [video]

Moving Mountains by Machina Infinitum
phpBB [video]

Posted by diana_gheorghiu on Tuesday January 26, 2021 at 16:05
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