New footage! VibesVJ, VJ Picles, Lior Sadeh Studio

VibesVJ is our latest addition to our portfolio of footage artists. He is working from a desk in France and his loops remind us of those times when a beamer behind the DJ was enough to create a killer atmosphere. Check out his first release called ScifiVisual.

Further, OnBeat by VJ Picles is a high quality rhythmical content and PsychedelicTravels by Lior Sadeh Studio is a pack that mixes itself.

Scifi by VibesVJ

phpBB [video]

OnBeat by VJ Picles
phpBB [video]

PsychedelicTravels by Lior Sadeh Studio
phpBB [video]

Posted by diana_gheorghiu on Thursday June 10, 2021 at 12:39
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